Where to Test COVID19 near me

Egypt labs to conduct PCR test

Where to Test COVID19 near me

Watch this FDA video to know how and what is PCR Test, Get the latest information about coronavirus.

All Questions about tests for COVID19.

1. What is PCR !

PCR tests are used to directly detect the presence of an antigen, rather than the presence of the body’s immune response, or antibodies.

In other words PCR analysis, or “polymerase chain reaction” analysis, is an accurate method to detect presence of virus in the blood stream.

There are different types of tests and analysis to screen the disease; Rapid in-clinic antigen testing, serologic testing, a lateral flow assay, Rapid in-clinic antigen testing,

MOH elevating number of laboratories that carry out PCR test to detect COVID-19 infection to 54 spot across Egypt nationwide.

Central Laboratories by MOH Egypt described clearly that all examinations are conducted at the highest levels of quality, and accuracy, as well as at low prices

Also, for traveling medical certificates; 20 labs are assigned from MOH and Approved for conducting PCR tests.

The price of PCR test is raised to be L.E. 1,200 for Egyptians and $100 for foreigners.

The PCR certificate has been secured with a watermark to prevent counterfeiting and was provided with digital codes to indicate it is official and valid.

Also confirmed that approximately 3,500 certificates are issued to travelers on a daily basis.

2. PCR for COVID-19 has two types ( Diagnostic test, Antibody test )

Covid 19 PCR

Where to Test COVID19 near me

Lab technician holding swab collection kit,Coronavirus COVID-19 specimen collecting equipment,DNA nasal and oral swabbing for PCR polymerase chain reaction laboratory testing procedure and shipping

The first analysis to diagnose a person infection uses pcr test, swabs of saliva are taken with a cotton extract stick from the upper respiratory tract of the human, i.e. throat, nasopharyngeal swab called also a molecular test. Specialists then analyze the sample to determine whether it contains the genetic factor of the coronavirus. If the genetic agent or “genome” of the virus is found in the sample.

Covid 19 IgG , IgM

The second group of tests for the detection of the virus of coronavirus is antibody tests, an immune technique, and when the body is infected with any virus, the immune system forms antibodies to resist it.

If these antibodies are found in the sample, this means that the person has had corona in the past and has become immune to it.

This test is done by taking a blood sample from the person, where it is done through tingling to extract a few drops of blood on a card and add a chemical solution to it and then analyze it.

If the body’s antibodies are present against the emerging coronavirus in the blood, called IgM and IgG.

Should not be used to diagnose A current infection from COVID19


3. How PCR test look like !

Where to Test COVID19 near me

PCR tests use a sample of the patient’s mucus either through “the patient’s nose or throat” to look for the genetic material of COVID-19.

Then, swabs of individuals being tested will be screened on site and the actual analysis carried out in labs at Ain Shams University Hospitals, which is a governmental official institution.

Results are reported on the same day through SMS | WhatsApp message.

Reports are generated the following day by the lab and are authenticated, stamped and accredited and should be accepted at different governmental and diplomatic institutions.

Costs for the PCR test are EGP 2,000 and the antibodies test costs EGP 400.

prime speed location in cairo for corona par test


4. List Of Egypt Official Laboratories to Providing COVID-19 test certificate for International travel

  • The Central Laboratories
  • Prime Speed Medical ( COVID-19 drive-through testing station )
  • Nile University, Sheikh Zayed City ( COVID-19 drive-through testing station )
  • Al Mokhtabar (Moamena Kamel Lab)

Egypt MOH announed with the list for ‘Governmental hospital’ that carry on any COVID19 test, Read that Arabic document list

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