The power of memory focus and Concentration

The power of memory focus and Concentration

Many people may be exposed to a certain degree of forgetfulness every day.

The power of memory, focus & Concentration
The power of memory, focus & Concentration
Many people may be exposed to a certain degree of forgetfulness every day.

As some of us may forget

  • where they put their car keys?
  • or forget the names of their colleagues?
  • or why they went out shopping? and this matter has no limitation for adults or children only.

Many mothers also suffer during teaching from the problem of weak memory and lack of concentration of their children.

A person always needs to improve his memory from time to time.

If the memory is neglected it will weaken, and thus it will lose its strength with the passage of time.

Ways to enhance memory and focus

Getting enough sleep hours

Adequate sleep helps a lot to improve memory and focus, and it also activates nerve cells effectively.

During sleep, the brain stores the information it received during the day, classifying all the day’s events, and linking them with other information and memories.

The human body needs at least eight hours of sleep a night, to regain its activity and vitality, studies have shown that napping in the afternoon helps children and motivate them to learn in a better way.

Focus on healthy foods

There is no doubt that following a healthy and proper diet is one of the great ways to improve the level of memory and restore the strength of human concentration.

Secondly, the daily diet should be rich in various vitamins and minerals, especially those that contain a high proportion of vitamin D.

As a recent British study proving that there is a close relationship between “vitamin D deficiency” and the development of “cognitive problems”

Such as Alzheimer’s disease, and therefore it is important to improve the strengthen of the memory.

In addition to foods that contain omega-3’s, such as: fish, nuts, and olive oil, as confirmed by a Swiss study Green tea, rosemary, and sage are among the most important drinks to stimulate the brain, strengthen memory and focus.

Doing exercises

Exercising for at least half an-hour a day helps to stimulate memory and improve the level of concentration.

This is because it increases the heart rate, increases the rate of blood flow to the brain, and we prefer to practice relaxation and meditation exercises that calm nerves and relieve tension.

It has a positive effect on long-term memory.

Make new friends

Studies have shown that there is a strong relationship and influence between strong memory and social relationships.

As the maintenance of social relationships, social activity and friendship helps effectively to strengthen the cognitive functions in the brain.

Keep Yourself Busy

A busy schedule can maintain your brain’s episodic memory. One study linked busy schedules to better cognitive function.

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