The New Corona Vaccine Has Shown 90% Efficacy After The First Shot

The New Corona Vaccine Has Shown 90% Efficacy After The First Shot.

Studies show that Pfizer’s corona vaccine has shown efficacy from the first shot. It could be enough to largely protect people from being infected by COVID-19.

The vaccine became 90% effective 21 days after the first shot in a two-dose regimen, where the vaccine has been rolled out to a large portion of the population. The logic behind launching the vaccine as soon as possible is to protect as many people as we can from hospitalization and to decrease mortality rate.

Single shot may not provide you 100% protection and more studies are needed to be performed accordingly.

What did they discover?

According to the study, case numbers increased for eight days, before declining to low levels by day 21. The vaccine efficacy was not effective until about 14 days after people were vaccinated. After two weeks their immunity was elevated gradually to about 90% at day 21 and then reached the plateau. All the improvement in protection was seen before any second injection was given.

In conclusion, a single shot of the vaccine is highly protective. However, it can take up to 21 days to show efficacy. It is not yet known whether this immune booster will last beyond 21 days without a second shot of the vaccine.


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