Click Here to Download Gardenia Pharmacy Mobile Application. Available for Android and IOS

gardenia pharmacy mobile application


Gardenia Pharmacy is launching its MOBILE APPLICATION for Android and IOS. 

The approach of mobile application technology has altered the world we live in. The usage of mobile apps in the healthcare sector is changing as well. It is getting better by the day, thanks to the constant changes and updates.
Software-driven medical devices have been around for decades. The revolution in app technology is bolstering these virtual-driven healthcare initiatives even more. It brings services to our doorsteps and makes our lives easier.
Apps are becoming a part of our daily lives as smartphones progress from a luxury to a necessity. Doctors, patients, and medical staff use healthcare apps to exchange information and commodities.


Get to Know Gardenia Pharmacy Mobile Application 

1. Improve convenience for Your Patients and Customers 

Patients can manage their health more efficiently from the comfort of their own homes with digital care options such as Gardenia Pharmacy mobile app. Make it simple for them to order prescriptions and over the counter medications at any time of day or night, without having to call or visit our branches. by using Scan your Prescription option

Learn How To Scan your prescription efficiently through this link 

Our mobile application will also provide patients with the ordered medications with doses, how to use and method of administration and any further advices or vital information concerning the medications. 


2. It saves time when every second counts

Our Mobile App simplify pharmacy service and communication, saving patients time and effort during the course of a busy day. Our Customers can use mobile-friendly services, communicate with their providers, and securely share health information right from their phones, they can also order a huge variety of  Top Skin Care Products, Makeup, Fragrances, Hair Care, Bath & Body & more with your fingertips using your mobile phone. 
Diverting business to digital channels and simplifying self-service options reduces staff interruptions and automates manual tasks, allowing us to focus on what is truly important: building a rapport with our patients and customers. 


3. Find A Doctor 

Our mobile app will help you find and book appointments with doctors of all specialties near you. This service will also provide you with the doctor’s available time , complete address of the clinic, fees, expected waiting time and the phone number. 

Learn about find a doctor service through this link


4. Gardenia Pharmacy Medical Blog 


Our blog in Gardenia Pharmacy Mobile App and Gardenia Pharmacy Website will keep you up to date on the latest medical news on a regular basis. It is critical for potential and established patients to find us, as well as for them to relate to us.

Our customers and patients both agree that people buy from and seek advice from people, not faceless businesses or prescribers. This is also true for medical advices diagnosis and other medical information. We want our prospective and existing customers to feel connected to us as their Community Pharmacist.

Our blog will provide you with articles about how to take care of your beauty including skin care, hair care, nail care and personal care. It will also provide you with crucial information about daily updates in the medical field, infectious and common illnesses, family health and social issues and all about parenting, baby’s, women’s and men’s health. 

Explore Our Blog through this link


5. Get your medical insurance here

Medical Insurance Companies that deal with Gardenia Pharmacy. Medical Insurance Companies that deal with Gardenia Pharmacy is Nextcare Health Insurance Company which is one of Allianz Partners Companies. You can easily upload your Prescription, Id Copy and your approval through our app. 

Learn About how to get your Medical Insurance through this link


6. Improved Customer Service = Improved Patient Experience

Community pharmacies are well-known for their one-on-one, first-name basis service. Having an app will allow us to connect with the population of patients who prefer to manage their medications digitally, providing a responsive solution that increases touchpoints.
It also frees up some of your time to consult with patients who prefer to come to the pharmacy in person. Nobody wants to stand in line, especially if it’s because someone is on the phone. Our mobile app will reduce the amount of crowd in the pharmacy workflow, allowing us to provide quality care to every patient.


7. Puts Our Company On Autopilot

Mobile health solutions benefit our pharmacy by benefiting our customers. They also open up new avenues for attracting new customers.
Increasing pharmacy touchpoints across multiple channels including our Hotline 19557, Facebook, Instagram, Ordering through our Website and Ordering through Gardenia Pharmacy Mobile Application; these access points will enable us to reach more patients from a larger geographic area all over Egypt. It will provide self-service capabilities and app-only features that customers can access by simply signing in.

Click Here to Download Gardenia Pharmacy Mobile Application. Available for Android and IOS

gardenia pharmacy mobile application



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