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Appearance is every bit as important to men as it is to women, but many gents find it difficult to locate the right products to help them care for their skin and hair. Gardenia is here to solve that problem with a large selection of personal care products just for men.

Essentials for Head to Toe Skin Care

Men’s skin is different from women’s, making it important that you choose products that are formulated specially to meet your skin care needs.

  • Cleanse daily with a body wash or bar soap for your body and a face

wash for your complexion to whisk away excess oil and grime that can clog your pores.                 

  • Apply moisturizer to your face and body to replace hydration lost

throughout the day to keep every inch of your skin in the best of health.      

  • If you suffer from skin care concerns like acne, signs of aging or shaving

bumps, you can apply specially formulated men’s skin care treatments to address specific issues.

  • As you compare face and body care products, look for formulas that suit your skin type whether it’s normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive.


Fragrances for Work and Play

Make a great impression on everyone you meet with men’s fragrance products from Gardenia. There are a wide range of options available in scents that range from clean and light to seductive and spicy.

To address body odors, try a deodorant body spray with a fragrance that appeals to gents. Add a subtle touch of fragrance with a body splash or spray or make a bolder scent statement with a light eau de toilette or more concentrated eau de perfume, eau de toilet or cologne.

After shave can be applied at the end of your shaving ritual to refine your pores, soothe irritation and fragrance your skin all with one step.


Products for Promoting Healthy Hair

If you want your hair to look its best every day, you need to care for it properly with a healthy hair care routine.

  • When it comes time to wash, lather up with a men’s shampoo formulated for your hair type and then apply conditioner to moisturize and nourish.
  • Styling aids like pomade, hair cream, hair conditioner and gel can improve manageability to simplify hairstyling and keep every strand in place throughout the day.
  • Here at Gardenia, you can also find shampoos, conditioners, styling aids and treatments for common men’s hair care concerns like dandruff, dry scalp and thinning.

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