Sadness versus Depression

Sadness versus Depression



Everyone feels sad sometimes. When you’re sadder than usual, you might say you feel “depressed.” But how do you know when extreme sadness crosses over into clinical depression?

What’s the difference between sadness and depression?

Depression is about being sad, sure—but it’s more than that. Depression is a mental illness that involves a lot of symptoms, like feeling exhausted all the time, losing interest in activities you normally enjoy, or thoughts of death and suicide. Episodes of depression last at least 2 weeks at a time. They can be triggered by a sad event or they can seemingly come of out of nowhere.

How do I know if I’m sad or depressed?

If you’re sad because you lost your job, are going through a breakup, or lost someone in your life… it’s certainly no fun, but it’s also pretty normal.

Sadness, even extreme sadness, is a natural reaction to events like these.

That said, regular sadness can also turn intodepression. If the feelings don’t get better over time, or if your mood starts to get in the way of your daily life, you might be developing a case of depression.

Physical changes can also affect your mood, like hormone changes due to puberty or certain medical treatments or conditions. If you think you might be depressed, it’s a good idea to have a doctor review any medications you’re taking and test your thyroid and other hormone levels.

When you still aren’t sure why you’re feeling down, or if mental illness of any kind runs in your family, there’s a decent chance you’re experiencing depression.

If you haven’t already done so, consider taking the depression screen.

Lost your loved ones, got fired from your job, got into a divorce or went through some financial issues are some life’s struggles that may initiate sadness.

Some people may have the power to overcome temporary sadness and others may develop their sadness into depression. However, sadness is not the same as depression. Recognizing the differences between both of them will help a person to proceed his life in a more balanced and healthful way. Depression is the loss of ability to live and perform your daily activities as usual.

In this article we will take a look at depression and how to get over your temporary sadness before it develops into depression.

depression art

Sadness is a temporary feeling. It may last for some days or less. People may express their emotions of sadness by crying, screaming and getting aggressive sometimes. It is always temporary and passes by the time. Being into a bad mood for a short period of time is not the same as depression. However, if the person experiences these feelings for more than 2 weeks, then he needs to see your psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Depression is a serious mental illness that may affect how you proceed your life. It may negatively affect how you think and how you feel. Depression can leave you empty and fatigued. You may feel apathetic that you are totally drained out of energy. However, the best thing to fill this emptiness is to do the opposite of what “depression voice” imply.

According to the studies, 25% of the population in Egypt are suffering from mental health-related issues.

There are several ways to manage temporary sadness or mild depression through practicing things that might change your mood to the best.

1) Working out

Working out for at least 15 minutes per day will release endorphins that are responsible for positive feelings, similar to that of morphine. They act on opiate receptors in body which decrease pain and boost pleasure.

2) Doodling

Doodling is something that allows people to express their creativity while changing their bad moods through drawing aimlessly or scribbling.

3) listening to music

Studies suggest that listening to music for long times can enhance bad mood and boost happiness.

4) Never isolate yourself

This is the worst thing you will ever do to yourself. Try to communicate with family and friends. Find some ways to get out of your room. Try to enjoy the nature like hanging out in landscapes and beaches. Human well-being is strenuously connected to the mother nature. Try some yoga, while being in a landscape connected to a grounded nature.

5) Try herbal medicine.

Studies have shown that St. John’s Wort extract (Hypericum perforatum) has a powerful effect on initiating calmness. It increases serotonin levels in body. That reduces anxiety and insomnia related to mild depression. Also It comes in forms of capsules or tea bags. However, you need to consult your physician or pharmacist before taking this herb.

In addition, lavender is said to have some calming properties against mild depression and anxiety.

You may experience depression due to the lack of some nutrients in your body such as zinc, omega 3 fatty acids and folates. You may need to include these nutrients in your diet.

There are many other activities that can be done to eliminate sadness and boost happiness. But first you need to accept yourself with all your flaws and imperfections. Accept your sad time as it shall pass by the time.

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