Read 2 New anti-COVID Pills

Read: Two New anti-COVID Pills

New pills taken orally when the first symptoms of COVID-19 appear by Pfizer & Merck.


New pills for covid

Read 2 New anti-COVID Pills

Is there any pill could help heal from COVID-19?


Raising hopes for an easy-to-administer treatment to reduce serious or deadly cases.

molnupiravir pill by US pharmaceutical firm Merck and Paxlovid pill by Pfizer are two new pills for treatment of covid-19 virus when any symptoms arised by the patients.

A reduction in the risk of hospitalisation shown by clinical trials for both molecules, as both anti-virals that act by reducing the virus’s ability to replicate, slowing down the disease.

By beginning of October, Merck company scientists were seeking new approval in the United States for  molnupiravir pills, and Pfizer followed suit later with paxlovid pills.

Scientists have worked hard since the starting of the pandemic to reach a solid results and got approvals by healthy associations in the globe.

By 50% decline in symptoms for molnupiravir pills and with 90% decline in symptoms signs for paxlovid pills, as direct comparisons of these efficacy rates should be avoided because of the different study protocols.

Also, Abbot fluvoxamineFaverine ) pills that used as an anti-depressant which is already available to the public, fluvoxamine, has also shown encouraging results in preventing serious forms of COVID-19, antidepressant that helps with covid Recent Lancet article published by October 27, 2021 evidence indicates a potential therapeutic role of fluvoxamine for COVID-19, and findings built on screening of 9803 potential participants for that trial.

 fluvoxamine versus placebo in covid patients

Why Read 2 New anti-COVID Pills this is important?


When approved efficacy of these molecules is confirmed widely, we will have a strong step forward in our fight against COVID-19 virus.

This will add to current vaccines to strengthen the world’s therapeutic a collection of weapons against the virus, and by accepting the method that in the form of synthetic antibodies that was initial treatments for COVID-19 virus.

By using those drugs, which usually we assign them for patients already got severe forms of the infection, are injected and therefore more difficult to administer.

Merck and Pfizer’s pills, which till now did not show various side effects, would encourage taking around 10 doses for 5 days long.

The presence of these molecules potentially marks as a new method in our ability to fight the severe consequences of SARS-CoV2 disease

Is there any limitation for the 2 New anti-COVID Pills ?

Difficult now to properly evaluate Merck and Pfizer’s treatments given for both groups have only published statements and have not made the data of their clinical trials available, as we still watching the results

2 new pills for covid treatment

In other words, many hopes comes from Merck and Pfizer ignorer to support the treatment for covid-19.

So now, Merck and Pfizer will start clinical trials on wider scale than before to confirm with more stronger results, and with close monitoring committees.

Different researchers have complained that the trials did not just limit themselves to evaluate the frequency of hospitalizations, but also assessed the frequency of prolonged emergency room stays.

When the new 2 pills will be available? And how much?


Molnupiravir from Merck, is already approved n the United Kingdom by the government Health Directors, gave their green light to its use in patients at risk of developing a serious form of the illness, such as the elderly, obese people, or those suffering from diabetes.

United States and Eruption Union health authorities are also urgently reviewing the drug.

The European Medicines Agency promised on Thursday to “accelerate” proceedings, without giving a firm date.

Many countries have already ordered stocks of Merck molnupiravir, such as the United States, with 1.7 million regimen of the molecule.

United States order gives an idea of the steep price of the drug.

It comes to $1.2 billion, which equates to around $700 for a five-day course.

As for Pfizer, while it has not outlined a price for paxlovid, it has promised it will be “affordable” and subject to a tiered pricing approach based on the income level of countries.

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