مرض الصدفية

Psoriasis is a common disease in winter .. Learn about the causes and the different treatment methods

Our skin is our body’s mirror and there are a lot of factors that affect it and affect how it looks. These factors may be internal factors or diseases that reflect coloration in the skin layer or may be external factors as the sun, humidity, weather and psychological state.


From the skin diseases that get affected by the cold weather and its symptoms increase in winter is Psoriasis.


Psoriasis is a really common disease that infects about 2% of the world population and it is a non-infectious immune disease.
It appears as rash and thick silver scales that cause itching and sometimes pain.
Usually psoriasis appears in body areas as elbows, knees, nails, head scalp, hands and feet.

Psoriasis has several reasons and factors that cause it as:

– Immune system defect

– Psychological factor, stress and anxiety

– Cold weather

– Smoking

– Obesity

مرض الصدفية

Treatment of psoriasis.

Psoriasis treatment aims to stop the procedure that causes production of skin cells so that it minimizes the inflammation and the layering.
In addition to removing the scales and making the skin smoother.


There are several types of Psoriasis treatments which are:


1- Topical treatment:

It includes usage of cremes and ointments to apply on the skin, they are usually effective in treating mild to average cases of the disease.
In the more severe cases, cremes are combined with oral medicines or with light treatment.

2- Light treatment:

This type of treatment occurs by using ultraviolet rays and the easiest way to do this treatment is by exposing the skin to daily sunlight periodically
There are other alternative ways for light treatment including ultraviolet rays A (UVA) or ultraviolet rays B (UVB), as a single treatment or by combining it with medicine.

3- Oral medicine:

This type of treatment is used with severe psoriasis cases or with the cases that other types of treatments do not work with. Doctors may prescribe medicine as oral medicine or as injections

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