How to protect kids in summer

Protect baby from sunlight in summer

How to keep baby safe in the sun!

Protect baby from sunlight in summer


Kids skin is so sensitive, it is better to protect them from the sun in the first 6 months than to use sunblock.

Tips to Protect baby from sunlight in summer

Bath time in summer for kids

1. Bath Time

10 minutes is long enough for a baby bath. This is especially important if your baby has dry or sensitive skin. A ‘top and tail’ bath is when you use cotton wool and warm water for your baby’s eyes and face, and a washcloth for your baby’s hands and bottom

cotton wear for kids to protect from sun in summer

2. Cotton Wear

When outdoors, dress your baby in light-coloured long trousers, a long sleeved t-shirt and a hat to shield their head and face. According to the NHS, it’s especially important during the summer months to ensure that your baby remains cool

hydration for kids in summer

3. Hydration

Water, breast milk or whole cows’ milk should be your baby’s main drinks. In hot weather, you can try giving them frozen lollies made from plain water or from very diluted fruit juice to help keep them hydrated.

watch sunburns in summer for kids

4. Watch Sun-burns

Children especially need to be protected from the sun’s burning rays, since most sun damage occurs in childhood. Like other burns, sunburn will leave the skin red, warm, and painful. In severe cases it may cause blistering, fever, chills, headache, and a general feeling of illness.

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5. Avoid Direct Sunray in sunny days

It is recommended that babies under 12 months are kept away from direct sunlight when UV levels reach 3 or above. When UV levels are below 3, sun protection is generally not required and a few minutes of direct UV exposure is considered safe and healthy for babies.

6. Use Talc Powder

Essential part of a baby’s skincare routine during summer season. The mild fragrance of it can add oodles of charm to your little one. It is suggested to use talcum powder with rice starch instead of regular talc for babies.

7. Use Oil Massage

Coconut Oil: If using coconut oil make sure you choose extra virgin coconut oil so it is as pure as possible. Coconut oil is especially good to use in the summer months as it has a cooling effect on the body. This oil has other wonderful benefits too, it contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

8. Use Baby Lotion

The lotion is hypoallergenic, which means that it reduces allergy risks greatly, with pH neutral formula that doesn’t affect the natural pH balance of the tender baby skin.

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Protect baby from sunlight in summer

Reference. from NHS: Sun safety for kids

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