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XOLAMOL EYE DROPS; dorzolamide, timolol, ophthalmic agents .

XOLAMOL EYE DROPS is considered  a medicine for the treatment of increased intraocular pressure, as Xola Eye Drops contains the active ingredient dorzolamide as it works to reduce pressure inside the eye by reducing the production of aqueous solution as it reduces the pressure inside the eye associated with eye surgery or the short term to delay laser treatment or surgery For patients with uncontrolled glaucoma (glaucoma), Zola drug is therefore used in the treatment of high eye pressure .


Indications for use of XOLAMOL drops:

The medicine is used to treat high eye pressure and can help prevent vision loss that glaucoma can cause.


Dosage and Administration of XOLAMOL Drops:

– The usual dose for adults is: One drop in the affected eye three times daily. It is necessary to consult the attending physician before taking the medicine to know the times of the necessary doses according to the patient’s condition.


Side effects of XOLAMOL drops:

1- Blurring of vision may sometimes occur temporarily, and the drug can cause a feeling of itching and redness in the affected eye, in addition to that there may be profuse tears in the eye.

2- It is possible that there will be dryness in the eye, and sensitivity in the eyes may occur, in addition to that it may cause a feeling of headache.


Contraindications for XOLAMOL Drops:

1- It is forbidden to take the medicine for people who suffer from hypersensitivity to one of the components of the medicine or any other component of the other medicine, and it is also forbidden to use the medicine for patients who suffer from insufficient liver and kidney function.

2- The drug cannot be used during pregnancy, especially in the first three months, because some congenital malformations may occur to the fetus, and the drug cannot be used in the breastfeeding stage because the medicine passes into the mother’s milk, which leads to a risk to the life of the nursing child, so it is recommended to consult the treating doctor Before taking this medicine during pregnancy and breastfeeding.






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  1. mohamed sameh

    Very good, but used under the supervision of a doctor

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