Vardenafil 20mg tablets

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Vardenafil 20mg tablets

Sexual tonics

Vardenafil 20mg tablets

Vardenafil is used to dilate the smooth muscle, to allow blood flow to the sexual organ and thus to cause an erection. The distinctive activity mechanism enables an erection only following sexual arousal.

The advantage of using vardenafil appears to be to reach maximum blood levels more quickly than sildenafil and tadalafil (within 30 to 60 minutes), which can be taken shortly before sexual activity.

Vardenafil has been shown to be very effective in treating patients suffering from diabetic infertility and patients who have had a prostate gland removal.

That is, unlike sildenafil (Viagra), the risk of visual disturbance from taking vardenafil is lower.

Vardenafil should also be used with caution in patients with heart conditions.

Some rare cases of blindness have been reported following the use of this medicine. However, a direct causal relationship between use of vardenafil and blindness has not yet been established.

Among people at risk of becoming blind from vardenafil:

Hypertensive patients, heart patients, people with high cholesterol, people with vision problems, diabetics, men over the age of fifty and smokers a lot.

It is important to mention that vardenafil, like other medicines in its group (tadalafil and sildenafil), only works when a sexual stimulus is present. The drug by itself does not arouse sexual desire. Vardenafil lasts for several hours, but the persistence of an erection depends on the sexual stimulation being continued. Vardenafil does not cure impotence, and this medicine does not protect a person from sexually transmitted diseases. Likewise, vardenafil does not prevent pregnancy.

How to take


Number of doses

It is recommended to take vardenafil at least 30 minutes before the date of sexual activity (its effectiveness begins 60 minutes after taking the tablets).

Do not take vardenafil more than once a day.


5 – 20 mg per day (dose size depends on reaction).

The start of the event:

Within 30 – 60 minutes.

Duration of effectiveness

About 24 hours.


There are no restrictions, but a high-fat diet might slow the drug’s effect.

Forget a dose

If you forget to take a dose, it can be taken as soon as you remember. Do not take a double dose. It is important to maintain an interval of at least 24 hours between each dose.

Stopping the drug

Vardenafil can be stopped if desired and without concern.


If you accidentally overdose, it should not be a concern. However, if any special symptoms are observed or if the overdose is significant, then the doctor should be informed.

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