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TAVACIN 750 MG 5TAB is a broad spectrum antibiotic tablet. Tavacin is classified as a drug within the group of medicines known as fluoroquinolone. and it is one of the types of antibiotics used as an anti-bacterial of all kinds that may appear in the human body, and the active substance in the drug is Levofloxacin , so you find that the drug is available in two forms of different tablets Between them appears in the concentration of the active substance either 500 or 750.


Indications of the TAVACIN 750 MG 5TAB:

1- The case of pneumonia, which is usually acquired from hospitals, and the other from the community.

2- In cases of acute sinus infections.

3- The drug is also used in the treatment of acute bacterial exacerbation that accompanies bronchitis over time.

4- The drug is also used in the treatment of bacterial skin infections, as well as inflammations of the skin tissue that are exacerbated and not exacerbated.

5- The drug has an effective role in treating chronic prostate infections.

6- The same applies to the treatment of infections that affect the reproductive system, whether exacerbated or not, and related inflammatory diseases of the pelvis, or infections of the cervix, as well as with infections that affect the urethra, bladder or kidney and related matters.

7- The drug is used in the treatment of pyelon infections as well as acute bacterial kidney infections.

8- It is also used in the treatment of patients with plague or anthrax.


Dosage and how to use  Tavacin tablets:

1- The prescribed dose of the drug changes with the patient’s condition, whether in terms of health or disease, or the patient’s age and some other factors.

2- The generally suggested dosage for adults and children from the age of 18 is one tablet of the drug every 24 hours, provided that the drug continues for 5 to 10 days.

3- As I mentioned, the dose changes according to what is determined by the treating physician, as well as its concentration. For example, the prescribed dose for people with bronchitis is 500 mg once every day for 7 days, and so is the case with other diseases.


Side  Effects of Tavacin Tablets:

1- It is possible that some side effects of drug users may appear in cases of liver poisoning.

2- Others may suffer from nausea or vomiting accompanied by stomach pains.

3- It may also appear in the form of unexplained fever or general weakness in the body.

4- It may affect the skin, so the patient feels constant itching or yellowing of the skin and eyes, as well as hallucinations and blurred vision.

5- In addition to cases of hair with loss of appetite or changes in both the color of the stool and urine. and also cases of anxiety or depression and cramps in the body.

6- In some cases, the skin may become sensitive and develop a serious rash.

7- In addition, it is possible for the drug to cause difficulty breathing, nerve damage. In addition, an increase in heart rate.

8- It is also possible to feel swollen lips or a sore throat, as well as a marked increase in the level of blood sugar.


Precautions and contraindications for  Tavacin tablets:

1- It is advised to refrain from using the drug in cases of pregnancy. and lactation, so that no deformities occur in the fetus or the infant.

2- The drug is prohibited for anyone who suffers from an allergy to the components of the drug.

3- It is forbidden to use the drug for children under the age of 18 in order not to cause deformities in the joints.

4- It is contraindicated in cases of bean anemia, asthenia, general weakness. or in cases of kidney, liver, or nerve and tendon problems.

5- It is forbidden to use it if there are problems with the bones or joints, or in cases of epilepsy. and everyone who suffers from irregular heartbeat or problems with the nervous system in general.





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