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tacrolimus, dermatological agents .



Tarolimus ointment for the treatment of skin infections and it consideres one of the topical ointments used in the treatment of a group of skin infections,

whether moderate or severe, due to its active substance consisting of tacrolimus that controls the immune system and thus helps in the treatment of these infections.


1- ointment uses in the treatment of moderate and severe dermatitis cases represented by atypical eczema with adults

in the event that they do not respond or intolerance to the traditional treatment represented in some ointments and creams derived from cortisone such as “topical corticosteroids”.

2- In the case of children over the age of two years, the ointment is used as an alternative to “topical corticosteroids”

, in the event that they have moderate or severe infections of the skin such as Eczema.

3- The ointment is also used in the treatment of patients with psoriasis or vitiligo,

as the active substance present in the ointment modifies the reaction of the immune system,

and thus relieves the symptoms associated with the disease such as wisdom and skin infections.

Dosage and method of use:

1- To begin with, you should know well that the ointment is not used except after consulting the attending physician or pharmacist.

2- The ointment is applied to any of the affected areas of the skin in the form of a thin layer, and it can also be used on most parts of the body such as the face, neck, knee and elbow.

3- It is very important to avoid using the ointment on the mouth or eyes, as well as inside the mouth. If the ointment comes into contact with the areas you mentioned, you must immediately wash that area with abundant water.

4- Likewise, the affected skin should not be covered with bandages or wraps, even after applying the ointment.

5- The hands should be washed thoroughly with water after finishing applying the ointment, unless the hands are among the affected areas.

6- It is important to make sure that the skin is completely dry before applying the ointment to it.
side effects :

side effects

1- Feeling of burning or itching in some cases.

2- Other cases may show redness or a feeling of warmth.

3- For other cases, symptoms may appear in the form of slight tingling of the skin.

4- Or that there is a rash in diffuse areas of the skin, as well as the appearance of a local skin infection where the ointment was used.

5- As for drinking alcohol, facial flushing or skin inflammation may occur.

Precautions and contraindications:

1- Caution should be exercised when using Tarolimus if you suffer from liver failure.

2- You should also be careful if you have any skin tumors.

3- In cases that suffer from any weakness or imbalance in the immune system, be careful when using an ointment.

4- The same applies to patients with any hereditary disease of the skin.

5- Caution must also be taken for those with swollen lymph nodes, or if you have a rash resulting from infection of wounds.

6- For children under the age of two years, it is not recommended to use the ointment with them,

as nothing has been proven regarding the effect of the ointment on their immune system in that age group.

7- It also prohibites to use the ointment during pregnancy and lactation.

8- Necessary precautions must be taken when using the ointment by keeping away from the sun’s rays and avoiding them when necessary.



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