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SPASMOFREE 3 AMP used to treat child colic, as it consists of the active ingredient, which is Timonium methyl sulfate 10 mg, where the drug is a multi-action anti -spasms. The drug works in two ways, the first is a direct effect on smooth muscles, and the second is an anti-acetylcholine effect, but it is less harmful than atropine. Spasmofrey with dry mouth, relaxation of all smooth muscles, urinary retention, rapid heartbeat, and constipation on which atropine day, the dose must be wasted 50 times, and therefore it is completely safe for children.


Indications for use of SPASMOFREE 3 AMP:

1- Spasmo Free is used to get rid of cases of renal colic.

2- It is also used as a treatment for cramps and a treatment for digestive system pain, as well as the bile ducts and urinary system, as well as abdominal pain.

3- It gets rid of abdominal pain in children, and this is in the event that their medicines do not help, such as a strange water medicine.

4- Reducing the pain of the urinary system and in cases of gynecological diseases, the elderly, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Dosages and method of use:

1- For children: it may use five mg of Spasmo Free Zaretk for every kilogram of the child’s weight divided into three times a day. If the child weighs ten kilograms, he is given sixty mg per day.

2- For adults: Tablets The usual dose is two to six tablets daily, divided into equal doses.

3- Drink from one to three tablespoons three times a day.

4- Ampoules The patient may be given one ampoule one to three times daily by slow and gradual injection into a muscle or intravenously.


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