Silymarin plus 10SACHETS

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Silymarin plus 10SACHETS; silymarin, milk thistle, zinc, acetylcysteine, selenium, vitamin c, gastrointestinal agents .

Silymarin plus 10SACHETS to protect and activate liver cells and is considered one of the medicines used in the treatment of chronic liver conditions, and this drug is often prescribed as an adjunctive treatment with other drugs, as this drug is characterized by that it has antioxidant activity and thus reduces the exposure of cells to severe damage and contributes to regeneration Liver cells on an ongoing basis, and it also works to reduce all effects of severe cell inflammation and thus prevent liver damage.


Indications of the Silymarin Plus:

1- Treats hepatitis.

2- Helps get rid of all liver diseases that occur due to excessive alcohol intake.

3- Helps treat fats that accumulate in the liver area.

4- It treats hepatotoxicity that occurs due to consuming a large amount of drugs.

5- Treats liver cell cancer.


Dosage and administration of Silymarin Plus:

It is advised to take the medicine after consulting the doctor and adhere to the doses specified by the specialist doctor, as the necessary dose of it reaches:

One to two bags of medicine, twice to three times throughout the whole day, with the necessity not to use the medicine bags after the expiration date indicated on the package, and the medicine must be kept out of the hands of children and at normal room temperature.


Silymarin Plus side effects:

1- The occurrence of severe sensitivity in the skin area.

2- Constipation and possibly hemorrhoids in some cases due to severe constipation.

3- Decrease in the percentage of platelets.

4- Feeling dizzy and a constant headache as well.

5- An increase in the percentage of biliruin in the human blood, which leads to the emergence of symptoms of jaundice.

6- Severe pain in the joints and stomach as well.

7- Severe fluctuations in food taste and loss of appetite.


Precautions and contraindications for Silymarin Plus:

1- It is forbidden to use and describe this drug with all diabetes, because it reduces the level of sugar in the human blood.

2- It is discontinued in women with breast and uterine cancer, as well as ovarian cancer.

3- The drug is also used with great caution in cases of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.



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