Ryzodeg Flextouch 100U/ML

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Ryzodeg is a medicine that contains the active substances insulin degludec and insulin aspart. It is available as a solution for injection in a cartridge (100 units/ml) and in a prefilled pen (100 units/ml).

Active Ingredient: 

Insulin aspart / Insulin degludec

Therapeutic Use: 

Treatment of Diabetes mellitus in adults, adolescents and children from the age of 2 years.

Mechanism Of Action:

The active substances in Ryzodeg, insulin degludec and insulin aspart, are produced by a method known as ‘recombinant DNA technology’: they are made by a yeast that has received a gene (DNA), which makes the yeast able to produce them. Accordingly, insulin degludec and insulin aspart are slightly different from human insulin. The differences mean that insulin degludec is absorbed more slowly by the body. This means it has a long duration of action. Meanwhile, insulin aspart is absorbed faster by the body than human insulin, and therefore it starts to work as soon as it is injected and has a short duration of action.

How is Ryzodeg used? 

Use Ryzodeg once or twice a day, at mealtimes. It is injected subcutaneously under the skin in the abdominal wall (at the front of the waist), upper arm or thigh. The place for injection should be altered with each injection to reduce the risk of developing fatty lumps under the skin that can affect the amount of Ryzodeg absorbed into the blood.

The dose of Ryzodeg is determined individually for each patient. In type 1 diabetes, you can use Ryzodeg with rapid-acting insulin, which is injected at other mealtimes.

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