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tonic is for use on the scalp to reduce hair loss and revitalize hair and scalp for healthy growth. however It improves blood flow and restores small hair follicles to normal size and activity and increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicle.

REXSOL formula is designed to fight hair loss and stimulate growth of hair follicles that are suffering from weak hair and scalp conditions. Active ingredients rigorously selected from among the most advanced known to date.

Truly good nourishment is one of the essential functions of the hair life. It is also one of the basic needs of the scalp. In order to enable it to deal with the demands made by the cells and provide them with the nutritive elements necessary to proper dynamics. When well nourished, the scalp is in good health to stimulate good hair growth.

Who may use ?

This product is appropriate for men and women experiencing gradually thinning hair or gradual hair loss on the top and frontal scalp.

Does it works on all hair types?

it is recommended for normal to oily scalp, however it is effective on all hair types.

Is it right for everyone?
Almost everyone. Very few are found unable to benefit from it. this product works better in younger individuals whose balding is more recent, limited in area, and not restricted to the frontal scalp.

How often can it be used?
NIXODIL REXSOL is so unique that you can use it as often as you like without the worry of side effects. For maximum treatment benefits and maintenance of results, use twice daily.

How long should it be used?
If you respond to this product, you may use it daily, frequently or whenever the hair is in poor condition.

What are the results?
this Tonic is designed to work instantly, producing results many users report as “immediately visible in the first week of application.” In fact , the more your hair needs the more it helps.



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