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prucalopride, gastrointestinal agents .

Prokasoft 2 mg Tablet 14pcs
/ Procalopride / Gastrointestinal drugs

Prokasoft 2 mg Tablet 14pcs

The effectiveness of PRUCASOFT 2MG 14 TAB

The active substance in Prokasoft tablets stimulates the serotonin receptors that are located on the intestinal wall on the intestinal walls, which leads to contractions in the intestinal muscles, or what is known as peristalsis, and thus the waste moves to the colon and then to the rectum, and the patient can easily defecate.

Prokasoft tablets cause contractions in the colon and cause increased bowel movement, which helps in treating constipation and emptying the intestine of its contents.

Dosage and method of use

The doctor determines the appropriate dosage according to several considerations, the most important of which are: age, health status, and kidney and liver function.
The prescribed dose varies from patient to patient.
The usual dose is one tablet daily, with or without food.
– The dose determined by the doctor must be adhered to and not increased.
– If the patient does not feel any improvement after 4 weeks of starting treatment, he should see a doctor.

Warnings and precautions for use

This medicine may cause diarrhea, which reduces the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill. Therefore, women should take an additional method of contraception during the course of treatment with Prokasoft tablets.
– Use with caution in the elderly.
– The doctor’s instructions must be followed carefully when using patients with liver and kidney disease.
Patients with heart disease, angina pectoris and those with a history of heart attacks, should be treated with this drug with great caution.
People with severe lung disease should be carefully observed.
Use with caution in cancer patients.
AIDS patients are treated with extreme caution with this drug.
People with severe mental illness.
Suffering from severe neurological diseases.

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2 reviews for PRUCASOFT 2MG 14 TAB

  1. Ahmed Ali

    Stop nausea

  2. Ahmed Ali

    Can reduce nausea felling

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