PALETTE COLOR CREAM 4-88 احمر داكن مكثف

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PALETTE COLOR CREAM 4-88 احمر داكن مكثف

PALETTE COLOR CREAM 4-88 احمر داكن مكثف


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PALETTE COLOR CREAM 4-88 احمر داكن مكثف

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Apply a small amount of the dye cream in the form of a thin layer on the inner part of the elbow using a small piece of cotton and leave it exposed for 45 minutes The color level: Take a quarter of a small spoon of lightening stimulant from the bag and mix it well in a bowl with a small spoon of the coloring cream Using a plastic spoon,mix the suspension well until it is well mixed. After 45 minutes,wash the dye cream well with lukewarm water. In the event of a burning sensation,rinse your hair immediately and stop coloring it. If after the hair coloring process you experience problems with itchy skin and a rash,seek medical attention and contact the manufacturer.



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