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MONDO CREAM 50 GM; panthenol , dermatological agents .

MONDO CREAM 50 GM medicine to take care of dry skin and is one of the most important types of creams for the skin, which is being used extensively in order to protect, moisturizing and skin regeneration, due to what is owned by this kind of cream of the good properties of the skin as the cream Mondo also considered It is one of the creams that are used in the treatment of many diseases that cause inflammations to the degree of inflammation of the skin, including acute or chronic in addition to some skin diseases that have a direct relationship with other body organs.


Indications for use of Mondo cream :

1- It gives the skin the good degree of moisture, which is originally necessary to improve the healing process.

2- Mondo possesses a number of antiseptic properties that help protect the skin from bacteria, germs and fungi.

3- It is prescribed extensively by dermatologists to provide the required protection for sensitive or irritated skin.

4- It is used as a soothing, moisturizer and even skin softener, which is due to its ability to get rid of dry skin of all kinds or degrees.

5- Mondo cream is used to care for the skin in those cases of cracked nipples, in addition to using it as one of the treatments for psoriasis.

6- Treating burns resulting from exposure to sunlight.

7- It is useful in treating those cracks of the lips.

8- Mondo cream is useful as a complementary treatment for cases of eczema, of all kinds, and the inflammation that may accompany it.

9- For genetic diseases, cream Mondo is an important treatment for dry skin pigmentation and ichthyosis.

10- The cream is used to treat the problem of rashes during the summer period specifically.

11- It is prescribed for the treatment of dry skin, and the skin during the winter period.

12 – It is used in the treatment of the problem of roughness of the knees in addition to the elbows and the skin.


How to use  for Mondo cream :

1- Apply an appropriate amount of Mondo cream and massage the affected area 3 times daily.

2- As for how to use Mondo cream in the case of treating cracked nipples, it is applied after the breastfeeding process, taking into account the serious washing of the nipple before the next feeding.


Dosage  for Mondo cream :

  1. In the beginning, comes the process of rinsing hands with water well before use.
  2. We put the amount authorized by the attending physician.
  3. The cream is usually applied once or twice daily.


Mondo cream side effects  :

There are a number of negative effects of using Mondo cream, namely: –

  1. In some cases, slight itching of the skin may occur.
  2. A slight burning or stinging sensation in the skin as a result of absorbing the moisturizer.
  3. The appearance of a rash during treatment.
  4. Swelling of the lips or face.



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