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MACRO PANTHENOL CREAM 50GM  is a moisturizing and soothing cream for the skin and increases the smoothness of the skin. It is used to treat dry and cracked skin and relieve burns and wounds.


  • Moisturizing and soothing for oily skin.
  • It prevents the formation of crusts and cracks.
  • Forms a protective layer to prevent moisture loss from the skin.
  • Helps regenerate skin cells.
  • Accelerates the healing of wounds, burns and ulcers.
  • It softens the complexion, maintains its elasticity and glow.

How to use

This cream should be used under the advice of the specialist doctor and treating the case. As for the way to use this cream, it is through:

  • A thin layer of Panthenol cream on human skin in case of exposure to sunlight to a large degree or in case of wounds.
  • In the event that the cream is used to treat skin infections, the cream is applied between once to three times per day or according to the nature of the case and the vision of the specialist doctor and therapist.

side effects

It was not clear that there were any symptoms or side effects from the use of Panthenol cream, and even in cases of prolonged use, there was no harm.

Contraindications of panthenol

The use of this cream should be avoided and discontinued in the case of all patients with severe sensitivity to the active ingredients of the drug. Hence, it is preferable to test the cream on the skin by applying a simple layer of it on the skin.

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