LOREAL EXCELLENCE CREME 5-52بني فاتح اكاحو

140.00 EGP

LOREAL EXCELLENCE CREME 5-52بني فاتح اكاحو

LOREAL EXCELLENCE CREME 5-52بني فاتح اكاحو

LOREAL EXCELLENCE CREME 5-52بني فاتح اكاحو


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Use a protective serum on dry,unwashed hair – apply it to the most sensitive parts of the hair in length and ends – after you punctured the tube of the dye cream when performing the skin sensitivity test,empty all the content of the dye cream tube into the color developer tube – close the application head and shake well until the content is mixed Completely do not use the application comb – grease the application head immediately after mixing to avoid bursting the tube and causing damage – you can use the application comb along the hair as it slides easily into the hair and is ideal for medium hair. Start the application from the roots with the tip of the application. Divide the hair into small equal parts. Apply the product to the roots until it becomes well-soaked – Spread the remainder of the product along your hair and ends and massage gently – Leave it on your hair for 20 minutes – Put a little warm water on your hair Massage it gently,wash it well – spread the conditioner on your hair and massage it gently for two minutes,then wash it





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