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LACTEOL FORTE CAP; probiotics, gastrointestinal agents .

LACTEOL FORTE CAP to treat cases of diarrhea is the most famous drugs treat all cases of diarrhea , severe , which exposed a lot of people, and perhaps the most important characteristic of a drug to Aktewol Fort from other drugs and other diarrhea that consists of a substance effective and have an important and essential role in the killing of harmful bacteria that lead exposure human infection risk of severe diarrhea containing the drug on the active substance are important , a material Aktobaselass.


Indications for Lacteol Fort:

1- The medicine is used as a powerful anti-diarrhea that is caused by a severe microbial infection.

2- The drug works to protect intestinal cells from exposure to any pathological microbes.

3- The drug is distinguished by its effectiveness and great effect on preventing the growth of any harmful bacteria in the human body.

4- The drug is characterized by its ability to stimulate the immunity of the membrane that lines the intestine, and thus increases the effectiveness of aminoglobulin A.

5- The drug is specialized in increasing the intestinal immunity, and this is perhaps due to the effectiveness of the drug in affecting the growth of the acidic immune organisms that are present in the intestine.


Dosage and administration of Lacteol Fort:

It is preferable to take this medicine immediately after feeling the symptoms of severe diarrhea. As for determining the necessary dose of this medicine, it is:

1- In the case of children taking this medicine, the prescribed dose of it is only one sachet to be taken twice every day.

2- When taking a child under the age of two years, this medicine should also be used with a rehydration solution.

3- The dose required for children is only one sachet twice per day.

4- The recommended dose for adults is two sachets of the medicine at the beginning of the dose, and after that, only one sachet is taken twice every day.

5- It is possible to mix the contents of the medicine sachet with water.


Side effects of Lacteol Fort:

The drug Lactiol Forte is safe and effective, and no harm to human health or negative complications has been proven yet, but taking it for a long period may result in some of the following side effects, which are:

1- The occurrence of severe swelling in the face and tongue as well.

2- Severe numbness in some limbs.

3- Severe difficulty breathing and swallowing food.

4- The appearance of a rash.

5- Feeling itchy.


Contraindications to Lacteol Fort:

1- It is forbidden to take and prescribe the medicine for people who are allergic to the active ingredient of the medicine.

2- It is preferable to avoid taking this medicine during pregnancy, specifically during the first months of pregnancy, after consulting a specialist doctor so as not to harm the health of the fetus.


Drug interactions with Lacteol Fort:

No interaction has been established yet between Laccteol Fort and other medications that the patient is taking.

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