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FLECTOR 50MG 30CAP is a pain reliever and an anti-rheumatic agent, and it is considered one of theeffective medicines in cases of pain relief, which results from many diseases or even in the case of exposure to surgical operations , it is composed of granules and the active substance in the medicine is Diclofenac Epolamine , and it is worth noting that the drug can be used in the treatment of Many other diseases, including non-articular rheumatism, can treat ear, nose and throat infections.


Indications of FLECTOR 50MG 30CAP:

The drug may be used during the following pathological conditions:

1- Medication may be effective in relieving pain after trauma or in cases of sprains.

2- The pain he suffers after surgery, which includes oral and dental surgeries.

3- If a person suffers from a migraine problem.

4- That the person is exposed to spinal syndrome.

It is also very effective in treating non-joint rheumatism.



It is necessary to resort to the attending physician to find out the dosage and the correct way of taking the medicine according to the condition that each person suffers from.


Side effects:

Among the symptoms that people may experience as a result of taking the drug are the following:

1- The patient is exposed to stomach disorders, such as exposure to severe diarrhea or severe constipation.

2- Loss of appetite with headache.

3- Rash.

4- The patient may suffer from asthma and stomach infections.

5- Infections in the liver with exposure to fluid retention.

6- It is rare for the patient to experience blurred vision and blurred vision.

7- Hearing impairment and tingling sensations are also rare things.


Precautions and contraindications for Flector:

The medicine is prohibited for those suffering from the following problems:

1- It is forbidden for those who suffer from allergy to one of the components of the drug.

2- The medicine is forbidden for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.

3- Whoever is exposed to gastric ulcers frequently.

4- That the person suffers from a stomach perforation as a result of taking treatments in the past.

5- The patient suffers from a decrease in liver function.






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