Fixed Elbow Crutch (ONE PIECE )

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Fixed Elbow Crutch (ONE PIECE )

| Fixed Elbow Crutch (ONE PIECE ) ( عكاز مرفق ثابت ( فردا واحده

Forearm crutches, also known as elbow crutches. 

Mobility aids that help to transfer the body’s weight from an injured leg/foot to the upper body.

Usually made of metal or plastic, the user will slip their forearm into a cuff and then grasp a hand grip.

Advantage of elbow crutches

Using forearm crutches Fixed elbow crutch (one person) requires no more energy, increased oxygen consumption or heart rate than axillary crutches.

Being easily stored and transferred.

There is no risk of injury to the neurovascular structures in the axillary region when using this type of crutches.

Medical supplies in Egypt | Fixed Elbow Crutch (ONE PIECE )

Fixed elbow crutch (one person)

Specifications Fixed Elbow Crutch (ONE PIECE )

  • The adjustable walking stick Fixed elbow crutch (one person) is a high quality and reliable product.
  • The adjustable walking stick is manufactured and supplied by the famous company due to the
  • excellent product quality, friendly service and professional approach
  • This height-adjustable aluminum walking stick is a simple yet useful walking aid.
  • It is ideal for people who need support and balance when walking independently.
  • With a lightweight aluminum body, the wand is ideal for people with strength limitations.
  • Contoured plastic handle makes the height-adjustable aluminum walking stick easy and comfortable to hold.
  • The handle is also latex-free, making it suitable for everyone.

Whether you use your walking stick or cane as a fashion accessory or a walking aid, you want it to be the right size for you to look right in your hand or provide you with the perfect support. At, we stock a wide range of fashionable and supportive Height Adjustable Walking Sticks, providing you with the peace of mind that whatever cane you choose, it’ll be an ideal fit.  If you’d like more information or a tailored recommendation,

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Types of walkers

If you break a bone in your leg or foot or you’re at risk of falling, a walker can make it easier for you to get around. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about the options, including:

  • Standard walker. This walker has four nonskid, rubber-tipped legs to provide stability. You must pick it up to move.
  • Two-wheel walker. This walker, which has wheels on the two front legs, is helpful if you need some, but not constant, weight-bearing help.
  • Three-wheel walker. This walker provides balance support like a four-wheel walker, but it is lighter weight and more maneuverable.
  • Four-wheel walker. This walker is for people who don’t need to lean on the walker for balance.
  • Knee walker. This walker is similar to a foot-propelled scooter, but it has a platform for resting your knee.
Canes. Canes are perhaps the most common and standard type of walking aid a senior is likely to use. By the time most of us reach our seventies, our balance will be starting to falter and a cane can really help for stability whilst reducing strain on the legs and being an easy, portable device to keep around.


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Fixed Elbow Crutch (ONE PIECE ) | ( عكاز مرفق ثابت ( فردا واحدهFixed Elbow Crutch (ONE PIECE )
190.00 EGP
Purchase this product now and earn 190 Points!