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FAROVIGA 100MG 4TAB for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are tablets used to treat men who suffer from disorders related to fertility or ability, through the active ingredient of the drug, ” sildenafil “, which has a great role in treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation that occur in men in addition to its role in Treatment of high blood pressure present in the pulmonary artery, and the effect of the drug usually appears after half an hour of taking it and continues to be effective for 4-6 hours continuously, and its effect does not appear except with sexual arousal only.


Indications of FAROVIGA 100MG 4TAB:

1- The drug is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction that affects men.

2- It is also used in the treatment of premature ejaculation that affects men.

3- The drug has a role in treating the rise in pulmonary arterial blood pressure.

4- The drug is also used in the treatment of functional imbalances that affect the reproductive system.


Dosage and method of use:

1- The suggested dose of the drug is 50 mg, which is taken approximately half an hour before intimate relationship to allow the drug to take effect and its effect lasts for more than 4 hours.

2- The drug is used by swallowing the tablets orally.

3- The suggested dose of the drug may change if you suffer from other diseases, which may increase or decrease between 25 mg and 100 mg.


Side  Effects:

1- The drug may show some allergic symptoms to the active ingredient of the drug. and all the symptoms appear in the form of general redness of the skin or face area, a feeling of itching.

2- Symptoms for the worst cases may reach feeling short of breath or difficulty swallowing.

3- Symptoms may appear in a headache or stomach upset.

4- The same applies to problems that affect the eye from lack of vision.

5- It may come to some men that the erection lasts for a period of more than 6 hours. and here it is necessary to go to the nearest hospital to receive the appropriate treatment procedures.

5- Among the symptoms that may affect the heart or blood vessels are both: the occurrence of sudden angina. or disturbances in the heart muscle, or cases of low blood pressure, or a stroke.

6- Among the symptoms that affect the digestive system as well as the skeletal system are: severe pain in the pelvic region, or inflammation in the joints, or the feeling of muscle pain.






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