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FARCOVIT B12 CAP; vitamin b12, therapeutic nutrients, minerals, electrolytes .

FARCOVIT B12 CAP and it contains a large number of beneficial vitamins for the body that we need on a daily basis, and it has multiple benefits, it is important for patients with liver and diabetes and those who have high blood pressure as well, and through this article we will get to know more about the reasons for using this drug, how to use it and the dosages needed for ages. So follow with us.


Composition of Farcovit B12 Capsules:

1- These tablets contain Vitamin B1 by 2 mg, Vitamin B2 by 1 mg, Vitamin B6 by 2 mg, and Vitamin B12 by 10 mg.

2- Nicotinamide at a rate of 10 mg.

3- Inositol at a rate of 50 mg.

4- Folic acid by 5. mg.

5- Safflur oil 150 mg.

6- The medicine contains artichoke extract, 50 mg.


The medicinal effect of  Farcovit B12:

These tablets contain a large group of vitamin B complex and with a percentage of vitamin B12 to work on replenishing red blood cells and to preserve the body and nerves, and there is a substance in the medicine called inositol, which helps to reduce cholesterol fats in the body and divert it away from the liver, and there is also orotic acid in the tablets Which helps maintain the liver and its integrity.


Indications for the use of  Farcovit 12 capsules:

1- These tablets treat liver failure resulting from infection or poisoning, or infection with intestinal parasites and alcoholism.

2- It helps in the treatment of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis diseases, anemia and obesity during pregnancy.

3- Treatment of metabolic process failure in diabetic patients and peripheral neuritis.


Dosage and method of use  for Farcovit B12:

The usual dose is one to two capsules three times a day after food.


Contraindications  to Farcovit B12 Capsules:

The drug contains silymarin, which helps stimulate the liver, so it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking it and it is not taken without a prescription, as for pregnant and lactating women, it is not recommended to take it unless necessary or if the situation calls for it and under the supervision of a doctor.






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