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Each film coated tablet contains: Carbimazole 5 mg.

CARBIMAZOLE; carbimazole, hormonal agents .

CARBIMAZOLE 50 TAB for the treatment of thyroid secretions, and it is one of the most famous doctors in order to treat the problem of thyroid gland as it is used to prescribe the product for all those conditions in which the function of the thyroid substance is required to reduce the function of the thyroid substance, for example, the secretion of the thyroid substance , which is a condition in which the thyroid gland produces more Of the hormone, which results in many forms of imbalances regarding a number of body functions.


Indications for the use of carbimazole 50 TAB tablets :

There are a number of indications for using carbimazole, namely:

1- Reducing the production of thyroid hormones, or what is medically called hyperthyroidism.

2- The drug is sometimes used with a number of other medical drugs to reduce the production of thyroid hormones, in order to prevent imbalances in a number of body functions.

3- The drug is used as a treatment before or after treatment with radioactive iodine

4- Preparing the patient for the process of removing the thyroid gland for someone who suffers from the percentage of thyroid production or secretion.


Dosage and method of  administration of Carbimazole 50 TAB Tablets:

As for the ideal dose of carbimazole, it ranges initially between “20-60” mg, and is usually taken on “2” daily doses, and that is in the adult group. As for the children group, the initial dose of the drug is usually “15” mg For a day, and it is preferable to follow the medical instructions in that, according to the patient’s specific condition.


Side  Effects of Carbimazole Tablets:

There are a number of negative effects that may occur in a number of cases as a result of using the medicinal preparation Carbimazole, namely: –

1 – Nausea or stomach upset, and for this it is preferable to avoid eating spicy or fatty meals “rich in spices or fat”.

2- Feeling of headache or pain of relative degree, which comes in both the muscle or joint area, and in this case it is possible to take an appropriate analgesic after consulting the treating doctor.

3- The appearance of a rash or itching of a relative degree, and in this case it is possible to take antihistamines, but after consulting the attending physician first.

4- Some forms of changes occur with regard to taste or hair loss, and it is worth noting that these symptoms end, and immediately with the process of continuing to take the drug.

5- In a rare number of cases a number of dangerous side effects may result from the drug, which are the kind of side effects that are required, and immediately confront the doctor as soon as possible, namely: –

  • Have a sore throat.
  • Mouth ulcers.
  • High body temperature.
  • Any form of abnormal bruising or heavy bleeding.
  • Feeling tired or very tired.

Precautions and contraindications  for Carbimazole Tablets:

There are a number of health safety precautions or contraindications to the use of the medicinal preparation Carbimazole tablets, which must be adhered to, namely: –

1- It is taken into account to inform the attending physician of any problems in the liver, if any, and before using the drug in the first place.

2- The drug should be taken as prescribed by the attending physician, and it is likely in most cases that the doctor will initially prescribe a high dose of the product or drug and then reduce that dose at a later time, and after the patient’s thyroid hormone levels are regular.

3- It is possible to take therapeutic doses of the drug before or after meals, taking into account taking an appropriate amount of water with it.

4- The appointments for visiting the attending physician should be kept, because, based on blood tests, he may adjust the therapeutic dose of carbimazole tablets.

5- Carbimazole is strictly prohibited for use by those patients who have previously shown negative reactions from the use of carbimazole.

6- Carbimazole originally crosses through the placenta, and therefore this is taken into account by the specialist doctor, as the therapeutic dose of the drug for the mother must be within the limits of safety.

7 – It is necessary to stop the therapeutic dose of the drug before its period of time “3-4” weeks from the date of birth, and this comes to reduce the degree of risk of the presence of abnormalities in the thyroid gland of the fetus.

8- The medicinal preparation, Carbimazole, is excreted in breast milk. Therefore, if treatment is continued for the period of breastfeeding, the mother should not continue breastfeeding the child.

9- The medicine should be used with caution with diabetes, due to the fact that the carbimazole product contains about “5.73” gm of lactose per dose.



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