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BRUFEN COLD TAB  is considered one of the pharmaceutical preparations. that treat colds and influenza and treats sinus congestion. as it contains a powerful active substance that treats these diseases after a short period of use. and it is a tablet that is taken orally and it relieves the pain resulting from these Diseases.


Indications for BRUFEN COLD TAB:

1- This drug is used in case of severe colds.

2- If you suffer from influenza, you must use this drug.

3- If you suffer from sinus congestion, you should use Brufen Cold.

4- If you suffer from pain and high temperature, you should use Brufen Cold.

5- If you have some infections, you should use this drug.

6- Profen Cold is used in the case of chronic headache, as it works as a good pain reliever.

7- If you suffer from a sore throat, you should use this drug.

8- This drug is used in case of influenza infections.

9- If you have a fever, you should take this drug, but before that, you must consult your doctor well.


The ideal dosage and method of use:

Each drug has a specific dosage and method of use that you must follow well, and you must consult a doctor before use to find out what the appropriate dose is appropriate for you, and you must inform the doctor of the medicines that you are taking so that he will explain to you whether you should stop using it or continue taking it. The dose is 3 tablets per day in the morning, in the middle of the day and at night.


Side Effects:

Each drug has adverse effects and side effects that may occur if he consulted the doctor and took the full and appropriate dose for it. Among the most common side effects that can occur while taking Brufen Cold are:

1- Some cases of nervous spasticity may occur during use.

2- Skin irritation, redness and rashes that spread on the body may occur, and itchy skin may also occur as a result of the occurrence of side effects.

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