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Beurer BG64 USB Diagnostic Bathroom Scale with Remote Display


  • Glass Diagnostic Bathroom Scales with USB Connectivity
  • Long term health & fitness diagnostics via PC
  • Removable & wall mountable wireless display
  • Indicates weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, AMR/BMR calories.
  • Brushed stainless steel electrodes

Product Description

At last, the digital revolution has found its way into the bathroom with the Beurer BG64 USB diagnostic scales.

Beam in-depth full-body statistics regarding your nutritional health direct to the palm of your hand using wireless technology.

Measures weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass and AMR/BMR calories and displays values on the XXL display.

The display unit is completely wireless so it can be easily detached. Alternatively, the display can be stood on a surface or wall-mounted using the kit included.

Other features include a large two line LCD display and auto shut-off as standard, as well as a 10 user memories and a body fat interpretation pyramid which enables each user to monitor their own progress to ensure they are on track to achieving their individual goals.

This information can be easily transferred via the included USB lead to a PC or laptop so that you can evaluate, save and monitor your health trends online.

For the most accurate reading, the BG64USB scales have 5 activity settings to suit fitness levels from low through to high. An invaluable tool for sports enthusiasts, athletes and those serious about monitoring their weight/health!

Beurer Diagnostic Scales measure these important values:

BMR + AMR – Basal metabolic rate and active metabolic rate in kcal. Daily calorie consumption varies according to your age, sex, height and weight.

Your AMR is your BMR plus the input of your activity level.

BF – Body fat

Muscle mass – muscle tissue is heavier than fatty tissue. If you exercise as well as dieting, you may find that you gain weight despite eating less.

This is because although you are burning fat you are also building muscle mass.

Your Beurer diagnostic scale will show that you are on the right path.

Water – Essential for the human body to function properly.

Bone Mass – Bones are subject to natural growth, shrinking and ageing processes.

Bone mass reaches its peak at the age of 30-40 in both men and women. As we age our bone mass then begins to reduce. Healthy eating (e.g. calcium) and physical exercise can combat the shrinkage.

Box Contains

BG64 Glass Diagnostic Scale
Removable control unit with display
PC interface including USB cable + software
wall mount kit
6 x 1.5V AAA batteries
User Instructions,


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