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ALLERGEX TAB; chlorphenoxamine hydrochloride, caffeine, respiratory tract agents .

ALLERGEX TAB is considered one of the important medicines that help in treating allergies and it treats all skin and venereal diseases, and it has an effective role in getting rid of diseases that cause chronic or acute skin infections, and the active substance that is found in the medicine, the most important of which is hydroxyzine dihydrochloride, which belongs to all Antihistamines have a long-term effect, as well as an effect in the treatment of allergic cases and works on the speed of response to some cases.


Indications for use of Allergex TAB:

1- The medicine is used in the treatment of skin itching and redness that occurs in it, which is related to children or adults. The medicine is also used in the treatment of psoriasis.

2- It works to get rid of problems that exist in the skin, and helps in treating eczema, which is considered one of the most important types of skin allergies, which appear in the form of redness with many scales that appear on the surface of the skin.

3- The drug treats many skin infections that come due to allergies and also  works to get rid of swelling on the face that comes due to the sensitivity of all children.

4- The drug is used in treating sinus allergies. It also  helps a lot in treating hay fever and working on treating lichen, which is one of various diseases.

5- The drug treats skin allergies, which are caused by many chronic diseases, such as kidney and liver. The drug is also used in treating allergies that come due to insect stings of all kinds and different forms.



The dose that is used from the drug is from 2 to 3 tablets on a daily basis, and the necessary dose is determined for all patients’ cases, as well as the attending physician and pharmacist by which the dose for all patients is always determined.

Side effects of Allergex:

1- The medicine causes severe vision impairment in some patients, and for many patients it can cause light sensitivity.

2- The drug exposes many patients to a state of severe vomiting and nausea, which is one of the most common things that the drug causes to some patients. The drug also loses some patients the ability to concentrate.

3- The medicine causes a state of severe drowsiness for many patients, and the use of the medicine for many patients can cause a blurred vision.

4- The use of the medicine causes a state of lethargy and severe fatigue for some patients,  and the medicine also causes a great desire to vomit in many patients continuously.

5- The medicine is used in the treatment of all chronic diseases that affect the skin, and  some patients may feel a state of dry mouth.


Precautions and contraindications for Allergex:

1- It is forbidden to use the drug for all patients who suffer from severe and excessive sensitivity to the main components of the medicine or its active substances, because it causes many damages for patients.

2- It is forbidden to use the medicine for all patients who suffer from high intraocular pressure. It is also prohibited to use the medicine except after consulting the attending physician or pharmacist.

3- Not to use the medicine for all patients who suffer from BPD because it affects them a lot. It is also  prohibited to use and take medicine for all patients who suffer a lot from glaucoma.

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