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ACNE STOP CREAM for acne, which is a topical cream used in the treatment of all cases of acne that spreads to many young people, and it contains many important chemical compounds that help remove acne pimples that are found on the face, back and other places on the body It is one of the most important creams that have proven effective.


Indications for use of ACNE STOP CREAM:

1- The cream is used to completely eliminate acne, which appears in adolescence as a result of hormonal changes and causes pimples to form on the skin.

2- The cream helps to remove all blackheads, which are the ones that spread on the nose as a result of enlarged pores, and the accumulation of layers of germs, dirt and dust on the face, and it comes when cleaning the face is neglected.

3- The cream helps treat all premature wrinkles and signs of aging.

4- It is used in the treatment of wrinkles in the skin.

5- Helps eliminate white and red lines on the skin.

6- Helps eliminate spots on the skin.

7- It removes all layers of dead skin from the skin.

8- Helps tighten skin and complexion.

9 – It is used in the treatment of large pores that lead to deformation of the skin and affect its appearance.

10- Treats boils.


Dosage and method of use :

In the beginning, the doctor’s question is followed up to find out the reasons for the appearance of these pimples or pimples, and this is by all skin doctors, and the cream is prescribed and the daily dose is determined according to the doctor’s instructions or the severity of the case so as not to harm the patient’s skin.

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