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How to take care of your intimate area ?

1. Use a good quality intimate wash

When it comes to maintaining hygiene, the skin in your intimate area requires special, delicate care. Washing with ordinary soaps/ gels can lead to imbalance in pH levels, which in turn can lead to problems like itching, odor and infections. If you are already suffering from an infection, washing with soaps can worsen the problem. Use high-quality dermatologically tested intimate wash that’s also hypoallergenic. Pour a few drops on your hand and use it like you would wash with liquid soap. Use intimate washes externally.

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2. Wash your intimate area at least once a day

You should wash intimate area with warm water at least once a day, especially after going to the toilet, So that there is no transmission of bacteria. Make sure you wash with warm water at least twice, during your periods.

3. Don’t spray water directly to the vagina

Spraying water directly on the vagina can lead to entry of bacteria. Wash gently with low pressure of water.

4. Don’t use sponge or gloves

The skin in your privates is super delicate. Never use anything abrasive, use only hands to wash.

5. Use soft cotton towel

Use a soft and fully dried towel to soak up the water. Ensure that you wash this towel in warm water with a mild soap, once in two days.

6. When using intimate Wipes

Always wipe clean your intimate area from front to the back, especially if you are using vaginal wipes/ napkins.

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8. Wash well before and after sexual intercourse

It is important to wash your intimate area before and after having sexual intercourse to prevent growth and spread of harmful bacteria. Make sure your partner maintains good hygiene too as infections can spread very easily.

10. Change pads every 2 – 4 hours

Use sanitary cotton pads. If you kept the same pad for more than 4 hours can cause harmful bacteria to multiply. Change your pad every two to four hours, so that you feel and remain clean, fresh and hygienic.

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11. Don’t use tampons regularly.

If you use tampons, you better be careful. Tampons should be changed regularly as they can cause toxic shock syndrome – a potentially fatal condition. Do not use tampons if you have any infections and never, ever sleep wearing one.

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