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Shaving tips for her

shaving for women


Don’t dry shave 

 Dry shaving increases the risk of cuts and wounds. It also keeps you from making the most of one of shaving’s benefits: exfoliation. You’ll get a more effective exfoliation if you soften your skin first, so try shaving near the end of your bath or shower time. Your skin needs a minimum of 10 minutes in the warm water to soften adequately.

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Don’t forget that you can use the classic exfoliation products like loofahs and bath scrubs prior to shaving. Exfoliating first helps keep the razor from getting overloaded with dead skin cells, which reduces its efficiency.

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Use cold water

If you like very hot shower or bath water, make sure to cool the temperature down a bit before shaving. Your skin may become too soft and therefore more prone to cuts if it’s in very hot water too long.

Use shaving cream instead of soap

Many men and women think soap and water provide a great lubricant for helping the razor glide along the skin, but it may have an astringent effect, leading to dry, flaky skin after drying.

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How to take care of your intimate area ?

1. Use a good quality intimate wash

When it comes to maintaining hygiene, the skin in your intimate area requires special, delicate care. Washing with ordinary soaps/ gels can lead to imbalance in pH levels, which in turn can lead to problems like itching, odor and infections. If you are already suffering from an infection, washing with soaps can worsen the problem. Use high-quality dermatologically tested intimate wash that’s also hypoallergenic. Pour a few drops on your hand and use it like you would wash with liquid soap. Use intimate washes externally. 

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2. Wash your intimate area at least once a day

You should wash intimate area with warm water at least once a day, especially after going to the toilet, So that there is no transmission of bacteria. Make sure you wash with warm water at least twice, during your periods.

3. Don’t spray water directly to the vagina

Spraying water directly on the vagina can lead to entry of bacteria. Wash gently with low pressure of water. 

4. Don’t use sponge or gloves

The skin in your privates is super delicate. Never use anything abrasive, use only hands to wash.

5. Use soft cotton towel

Use a soft and fully dried towel to soak up the water. Ensure that you wash this towel in warm water with a mild soap, once in two days.

6. When using intimate Wipes

Always wipe clean your intimate area from front to the back, especially if you are using vaginal wipes/ napkins.

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8. Wash well before and after sexual intercourse

It is important to wash your intimate area before and after having sexual intercourse to prevent growth and spread of harmful bacteria. Make sure your partner maintains good hygiene too as infections can spread very easily.

10. Change pads every 2 – 4 hours

Use sanitary cotton pads. If you kept the same pad for more than 4 hours can cause harmful bacteria to multiply. Change your pad every two to four hours, so that you feel and remain clean, fresh and hygienic.

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11. Don’t use tampons regularly.

If you use tampons, you better be careful. Tampons should be changed regularly as they can cause toxic shock syndrome – a potentially fatal condition. Do not use tampons if you have any infections and never, ever sleep wearing one.

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Skin care Daily routine 

1) Wash with a gentle cleanser

Cleansing is important for removing any skin care product or makeup that you’ve applied during the day, as well as natural skin oils, pollutants, and bacteria that’s accumulated. It also means your skin care products will be able to enter your skin and work more effectively. 

2) Do you need a toner?

Toners were developed in the past to restore the low pH of the skin after washing with a high-pH cleanser. If you’re using a cleanser with a low pH, then a toner is unnecessary. It’s much better to avoid damage in the first place than to undo it later. 


3) Use a physical or chemical exfoliant

As you age, your skin slows down replenishing itself. Dead skin cells aren’t replaced by fresh cells as quickly, which means your skin starts to look dull and uneven, and may even crack. Exfoliants are a great way to help get dead cells off your skin.

There are two main categories of exfoliants: physical and chemical. It’s best to avoid harsh physical exfoliants, such as sugar scrubs and cleansers with beads, because it makes your skin more susceptible to sagging.

Chemical exfoliants gradually dissolve the bonds between skin cells and allow them to detach. They’re also suitable for skin of any age! The best exfoliants for maturing skin are those which contain alpha hydroxyl acids such as the ordinary peeling serum and La Roche Posay Effaclar Serum.  

And glycolic acid and lactic acid. You can also find these acids in toners, serums, and at-home peels like the ordinary lactic acid serum and Isis Glyco A Serum.

4) Tap or Pat don’t go rough on your anti-aging products

In general, serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than a moisturizer. The best anti-aging ingredients to look out for are vitamin A derivatives known as retinoids (retinol, tretinoin, and tazarotene) and vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate). As well as increasing collagen in your skin, they also act as antioxidants to soak up the biological and environmental oxidative stress that builds up to cause aging.

5) Always Keep Your Skin Moisturized

With age also comes less sebum. While this means less chance of acne, it also means your skin will dry out more easily. One of the big reasons for fine lines is inadequate skin hydration, but luckily it’s easy to fix with a good moisturizer.

Look for a moisturizer that contains water-binding humectants like glycerine and hyaluronic acid. An occlusive like petrolatum (commercially known as Vaseline, although Aquaphor also works) and mineral oil at night can prevent water evaporating from your skin. But be sure your skin is clean to avoid trapping bacteria!

6) Always apply sunscreen

Sun protection is one surefire way to keep your skin looking as young as possible. The sun is responsible for so much of your skin’s visible signs of aging that sun damage gets its own special category in dermatology: photo-aging.

The sun’s UV rays can cause aging by:

  • breaking down collagen and causing abnormalities in elastin, leading to thinner skin and wrinkles
  • causing uneven pigmented patches to develop

So use sunscreen, and not just for the beach — use it every day. A daily application of a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen can fade age spots, improve skin texture, and flatten out wrinkles by 20 percent in only three months. The researchers suggest that it’s because sunscreen lets the skin take a break from being continually battered by UV rays, so its own powerful regenerative abilities have a chance to work.

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Bioderma Sunblock | بايوديرما صن بلوك 

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7) Protect your skin from trauma

One of the key reasons wrinkles happen is due to damage to your skin, trauma can have larger effects. While there isn’t much evidence on the impact of how you apply your skin care products, studies have found that pressing your face against a pillow as you sleep can cause permanent which is also known as sleep wrinkles.


How to choose a wrinkle cream or anti-aging cream ? 

Here’s what to consider when shopping for a product

Active ingredients

First things first. You’ll want to scan your product’s label for beneficial active ingredients. Here are some common ones and what they do:

  • Retinol. is the over-the-counter (OTC) form of retinoids, vitamin A derivatives, a popular ingredient mainly used to remedy signs of aging and acne Retinoids help skin cells turn over faster, and they boost the production of collagen and elastin.

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  • Vitamin C.  is rich in antioxidants and is thought of as one of the top anti-aging ingredients available. It helps skin stay smooth and offers a glowing effect. It also protects skin from free radicals, or unbalanced oxygen molecules that damage skin cells, triggering wrinkles and breaking down collagen.

Vichy Vitamin C Serum | فيشى فيتامين سي سيروم 

OZ Naturals Vitamin C | اوز ناتشورال فيتامين سي

Bio Balance Pure Vitamin C | بايوبلانس بيور فيتامين سي سيروم

Garnier Fast Bright Vitamin C Serum | جارنييه فيتامين سي سيروم

  • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). This term refers to a group of plant and animal-derived acids. There are actually seven different types of AHAs. Commonly used in skin care products. While they’re mostly used to gently exfoliate, they’re also known for other benefits like encouraging collagen and blood flow, brightening skin, preventing acne, reducing the appearance of scars and age spots, and more.

Isis Glyco A | ايزيس جليكو

  • Peptides. They are amino acids that structure specific proteins the skin needs. For example, collagen has three polypeptide chains, so increasing peptides can encourage skin to make collagen, possibly leading to more youthful, firmer-looking skin.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). is an antioxidant. It has many benefits, one of them being lowering oxidative damage caused by ultraviolet rays, smoke, and pollution. It can also reduce the depth of some wrinkles.

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