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Men Skin care

Skin care is not specifically done for woman and girls only. In fact men’s skin needs more attention and care. The main difference between male and female skin is hormonal and comes down to testosterone. While women do produce some testosterone, it’s only a fraction of the amount in the average male body. Testosterone affects the skin by stimulating sebaceous gland activity. These are the glands which release oil and sebum onto the skin’s surface so men’s skin is often oilier than women’s. Men’s skin can also be 20-30% thicker because of more collagen and elastin.

Natural oils can keep the skin moisturized and prevent wrinkles but can also result in acne clogged pores, and an unwanted shine on the surface of the skin.

Men’s grooming is also very different from women’s. Many men shave regularly, which can deplete the skin’s moisture barrier. It’s important to take care of your moisture barrier so that your skin can protect itself and does not become susceptible to external factors. Men who are very active in sports or who work outdoors will also experience more oxidative stress on their skin.

Get to know the steps in Men’s Skin Care Routine

Men’s grooming and skin care routine should involve many of the same principles as women’s such as proper cleansing and giving the skin the nutrients it needs. Men’s skin care products can be found in a range of prices, just like women’s. The key is to find the right product that works for you and your skin, and follows the proper steps for optimal skin care: regularly cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, and toning.

Don’t let the number of steps scare you off. With a bit of practice, a proper skin care routine will take less than 5 minutes in the morning and evening.

Step 1: Face Cleansing

As a part of a proper cleansing, it’s essential to clear away airborne impurities and soil from the surface of your skin. Once the surface of the skin is clear of excess oil, airborne impurities and soil (without irritating the skin), then your skin can be properly cleansed and exfoliated to remove accumulated dead skin cells. A good facial cleanser for men is a cream cleanser that contains natural, non-pore clogging oils. The particles of the oil can adhere to the oil and dirt particles on your skin’s surface to easily be cleaned away with the face wash.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliating should always follow cleansing in order to remove dead skin cells and renew the top layer of the skin. This helps unclog pores and remove any bacteria. Gentle daily exfoliation with a mild lathering cleanser will have better results for your skin than harsh weekly exfoliation.

Step 3: Optional Shave

The best time for a wet shave is after exfoliating. When the skin is cleansed and exfoliated, there is a lower chance of irritation from razor use. You should opt for an alcohol-free shaving cream or better yet, use your cream cleanser from step 1.

Step 4: Apply Moisturizer

The application of moisturizer should always follow cleansing and shaving to prevent any dryness and to protect the skin from harsh environmental factors. A good moisturizer for men is one that not only hydrates the skin but also nourishes and protects the skin. It should contain antioxidants and vitamins. Contrary to the common notion, even if your skin is quite oily, a facial moisturizer for men is the key to improving your skin’s health.

Step 5: Tone

A hydrating toner should be the last step in any man’s skin care routine. A good alcohol-free toner will be non-irritating, calm and firm your skin while also protecting it from excess bacteria, and help the skin heal.

All skincare products should be designed specifically to work with each other, within the prescribed skincare steps and with the skin’s natural system.

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Hair Care For Men 

  1. Keep Your scalp always clean. use shampoo regularly according to your hair type. 
  2. Invest in the right products. 
  3. For Black hair

    There are many different types of Black hair. This includes straight, wavy, coiled, or kinky. With each type, you want to keep the hair nourished. use leave in creams and rinse out conditioners two types per week. like Cantu Leave in Cream for men. 

  4. For long hair 

    Long, flowing locks is actually some of the easiest hair to manage. While you won’t have to cut it as often as short hair, you should still get a trim about every 12 weeks. This will rid the hair of split ends and actually help you grow your hair longer.

    Use Braun trimmer to trim your hair regularly.  

5 . For gray hair 

You may not like it but going gray is a natural part of aging. you can use Restoria Discreet Cream that returns your hair gradually to its original color.

This is due to the production of melanin in the hair slowing down. This is the pigment that turns your hair, skin, and eye color darker.

When strands are devoid of melanin, it can also transform the hair into a dry and brittle texture. Treat this by regularly taking care of your hair and keeping it nourished with conditioner and leave-in treatments. You can use GK Silver Bombshell Shampoo that keeps your grey hair nourished. use it once a week. 

The 5 Grooming Products Every Men Care Should Own
  • Moisturizer with sunscreen. “Moisturizing products give you suitable routine to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Men Hair and beard trimmer. “Get one Now”
  • Men Face wash. “Body soap is too harsh for the more delicate skin on the face and can speed up the aging process by drying it out.
  • Hair product for men
  • Fragrances and Perfumes for men

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