Nanazoxid || For Diarrhea

Nanazoxid || For Diarrhea


Active Ingredient :


pharmacological forms




What are the uses of Nanazoxid?

For the treatment of intestinal diarrhea caused by some parasites
Intestinal amoebiasis treatment

What are the contraindications for the use of Nanazoxid?

Hypersensitivity to any of the components of this medicine, and people with acquired immunodeficiency disease,

if the age of the disease is less than 12 years.

Chronic nephritis or renal dysfunction
Not for use on children under one-year-old


Nanazoxid during pregnancy

There are no adequate studies on the safety of use, consult your doctor or pharmacist before starting treatment

Nanazoxid During the period of breastfeeding

There are no adequate studies on the safety of use, consult your doctor or pharmacist before starting treatment

What are the precautions for using nanazoxid?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, there are no adequate studies on the safety of use, consult your doctor or pharmacist before starting treatment. It may be rare but some people have very bad and sometimes fatal side effects when taking this medication so tell your doctor or get medical help right away if you have any of these signs of shortness of breath.

Dosage and method of use for Nanazoxid

Nanazoxide is taken with food

adult dose

Take 500 mg orally every 12 hours daily for 3 days

Child dosage (1 to 12 years old)

• From 1 to 3 years: 100 mg equivalent to 5 ml of drink every 12 hours for 3 days
• From 4 to 11 years: 200 mg equivalent to 10 ml of drink every 12 hours for 3 days

• Noticeable

I. Not to be used by children under one year of age
Ii. Shake the bottle well before use
iii. Please use the standard supplied with the medicine

Warning: It is preferable that the dosage be determined by a specialist doctor or pharmacist

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alternative to Nanazoxid 

ِAlternative with the same active ingredient



Nitazode Suspension


Alternatives with another active ingredient, but the same effectiveness



Flagyl Oral Suspension 125 mg


What are the side effects of Nanazoxid?

Some side effects or negative effects may result from the use of the drug, including the following:

Some disorders may occur within the digestive system, including cases of gastroesophageal reflux disease.
Due to the use of the drug, some problems may occur within the respiratory system, including difficulty in breathing.
Yellowing of the eyes and pallor.
The appearance of a rash on the body.
Skin allergy.
Incidence of flatulence.
Easy exposure to infections.
Excessive sweating, as well as an increase in body temperature.
Sometimes loss of appetite or reluctance to eat.
Inflammation within the salivary glands.
A change in the color of urine.
There is a desire to vomit.
Dizziness or lightheadedness.
Rhinitis infection.
An increase in creatinine in the blood.
Having a headache and nausea.
Having abdominal pain

Does nanazoxid change eye color

The drug actually causes a change in the color of the eye, especially since among the side effects resulting from the use of the drug is a change in the color of the eye to a pale yellow color.
This is the result of the use of an active substance inside the drug, which increases the levels of bile in the blood, but this side effect disappears once the use of the drug is finished.


TABLET        58.50 EGP



Do nanazoxid tablets change urine color?

The drug is used and results in side effects, including cases of change in the color of urine to yellow or dark, and it can lead to an increase in creatinine levels in the blood inside the human body.
Therefore, it is necessary to constantly check the blood picture in order to monitor the creatinine levels, as well as the change in blood platelets.


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