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When you shake hands, wave hello or step out in your favorite sandals, people notice your fingernails and toenails. With nail care products from Gardenia, you can properly care for your nails to ensure you make the best possible impression. From spa quality tools and treatments to polishes in a rainbow of colors, we have everything you need for healthy, gorgeous nails.


A Perfect Mani-Pedi in Three Steps

A proper manicure and pedicure consists of three steps, and you can get the products that you need for each one here at Gardenia.

  • Begin with a base coat to fill in flaws and create a smooth surface for nail
  • color to adhere.
  • Then, sweep on nail polish in a color of your choosing. We have something to suit every taste from natural clear and flesh-tone colors to soft pastels to bold jewel tones. Apply two or more coats of polish.
  • Finish with a layer of top coat to seal the color and reduce the risk of


You can buy base coat, colored nail polish and top coat individually or as a set. Be sure to purchase nail polish remover, so you’ll be ready to change colors whenever you wish.


Salon Beautiful Nails at Home

Want to instantly have longer nails to show off? You don’t have to visit the salon to get a perfect faux nail manicure. With a set from Gardenia, you can get natural looking results at home. You can purchase peel-and-stick acrylic nails that are quick and easy to apply or glue-on faux acrylic nails for a stronger, longer-lasting hold.

With a gel kit, you can benefit from the high-gloss shine and chip-resistant finish of professional gel nails. These kits typically include a light that cures the gel polish for flawless results.


Tools of the Trade for Shaping and More

Even if you prefer to go polish-free, you need to keep your nails trimmed and shaped to look their best. We have all of the nail care tools required for you to maintain healthy, attractive fingernails and toenails.

  • Clippers cut through thick fingernails and toenails with ease, while scissors allow you to shorten your nails with more control.
  • Pick up a cuticle stick or trimmer to manage overgrown cuticles safely and easily.
  • To perfect the shape of your fingernails and toenails, purchase a durable metal nail file or disposable emery boards.

Our selection of nail care tools includes options for men, women and kids alike, so everyone in the family can have perfectly groomed hands and feet.


Essentials for Healthy Nails

With the right treatment products, you can address a wide range of nail and hand care concerns.

  • Cuticle butters, lotions, creams and oils soften the skin around the nails, reducing splitting and flaking.
  • If your nails are prone to breakage, you can apply a nail hardener or strengthener polish or cream regularly.
  • Nail supplements are also available to promote stronger, longer nails by supplying your body with the nutrients required for proper growth.


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