NAIL 15 LOTION || For the treatment of brittle nails

NAIL 15 LOTION || For the treatment of brittle nails


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Active Ingredient :


Lactic acid
Castor oil

Indications Of NAIL 15 LOTION :

For the purpose of strengthening, treating, and nourishing the nails, it can be used to care for the nails of the feet or to maintain the nails of the hands.

It helps to replace the nails with all the elements and vitamins that work to grow and strengthen the nails in a healthy and sound manner.

Indications for use of Nail 15 solution

It can be used to treat weak nails and protect them from nail cracks.
It also strengthens the nails and protects them from weakness and split ends.
Also, Nail 15 solution treats dry nails.
It also keeps nails strong and prevents them from peeling.
It is also used for daily nail care, as it prevents them from splitting, cracking, and peeling gives them strength and hardness and eliminates the dead parts that weaken the nails.

Dosage and method of use of NAIL 15 lotion

Before using the Nail 15 solution, some steps must be taken that help in the correct use of the solution to obtain the best results that we can obtain by using this product, and these procedures
Hands must be washed well with one of the medical preparations specifically for this, and then dried with a dry towel well,

Then we apply the solution to the nails daily for a period of no less than three months, in order to obtain the best satisfactory results.
It should be noted that it is necessary to follow up with the specialist doctor if you want to continue using Neil 15 on the nails for long periods in order to maintain permanent and continuous follow-up of the condition of the nails and protect them from all problems

The results of using this solution

will appear if it is used on a daily basis after several weeks, but the treatment must be continued for a period of no less than 3 months.
The daily dose for using the solution safely, which is the recommended and suggested use for the use of Nail 15 solution,
We apply a little solution on the nails twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It is desirable that the solution be placed on clean and disinfected nails 

Alternative Nail 15 lotion



Contraindications NAIL 15 lotion :

It is necessary to refrain from using the solution or applying it to the nails in case the person is allergic to any of the substances that make up the solution, which may cause some skin problems resulting from the appearance of allergic symptoms to one of the components of the Nail 15 solution, otherwise, there are no contraindications An apparent prohibition or limitation of the use

side effects NAIL 15 lotion

It is rare for any contraindications to this type of cosmetics to appear, and therefore there are often no side effects that can occur as a result of using this solution, as it is considered completely safe and does not harm the health of the body. Moderately used condition.

Effects of NAIL 15 lotion on pregnancy and lactation.

NAIL 15 solutions are considered medical and health cosmetics as well.

It does not affect any negative effect on the pregnant woman and does not have any effects on the fetus, so it is safe in cases of pregnancy and is completely safe when used by women, which is In the stage of lactation, as it is a topical preparation that is applied to the nails and has no effect on breast milk, so a woman can use it safely during pre

Storage for NAIL 15

It is important that the bottle of Nil 15 solution be stored at a normal room temperature of less than 30°C.
Solution containers must be kept in a dry, safe place out of the reach of children to avoid their use by swallowing, eye contact, or otherwise harmful to children’s health and endangerment.


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