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Learn about skin types

What do you know about your skin? Learn about skin types

Learn about skin types


Each and every skin has its own unique nature and everyone has a different type of skin.
It is significantly important to know what is your skin type so that you can know how to take care of it, treat it well and what are the products suitable for it either in makeup or skin care products.

Skin types are:

– Dry skin:

Dry skin has a rough, dry texture due to lack of moisture and also lack of oily secretions. Dry skin is mostly liable to getting chapped and also early wrinkles.

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– Normal skin:

One of the best skin types as it is an intermediate between dry skin and oily skin as it does not either suffer from dryness and wrinkles as dry skin or suffer from pimples as oily skin.

– Oily skin:

One of the most common types of skin types and it contains much more oils and fats than any other type of skin.
A really easy way to figure out if you have oily skin is to see if there are oily secretions on both sides of your nose or by grabbing a dry tissue and just wiping off your face to see if the tissue would have any oily spots on it.

– Sensitive skin:

It is the closest type of skin to dry skin as it has less oils and water needed for moisturizing it and also it is very liable to infections, inflammations and redness with using unsuitable and harsh makeup products or skin care products.

– Combination skin:

It is divided into two parts; a dry part in the cheeks and ears zone and an oily part in the forehead, nose and chin zone.
Usually combination skin suffers from pimples in the middle of the face and dryness around the face and specially the cheeks area.


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Learn about skin types

Learn about skin types

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