Know the difference between cold, flu and corona symptoms

During the COVID-19 pandemic last year, people mixed up the symptoms of COVID-19, symptoms of flu and that of cold.

A significant number of people considered them as twins as they all infect the respiratory system.


We will know now the markeable symptoms of each of them so that patients can know if they should isolate themselves or not.

– COVID-19:

The most significant symptoms are dyspnea (hard breathing), headache, loss of both tasting and smelling sensations, in addition to, muscle aches, sore throat and fever.

The symptoms may vary from mild symptoms to severe ones.


– Flu:

Flu symptoms include fatigue, dry cough, fever, running nose or blocked nose, headache, sore throat.

There is no either sneezing or dyspnea in the flu.


– Cold:

The most significant symptoms are running nose or blocked nose, sore throat, muscle aches and pain and the patient may feel fatigue. 

Cold doesn’t cause diarrhea and usually in cold the symptoms appear gradually.

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