أزاى تستخدم قطره العين صح؟

How To Apply Eye Drops Correctly ?

How To Apply Eye Drops Correctly

أزاى تستخدم قطره العين صح؟ | How To Apply Eye Drops Correctly ?


How To Apply Eye Drops Correctly ?

Eye drops are used to treat most eye diseases, and in many cases, eye drops are very necessary

When you use eye drops in an unhealthy way, getting the active substance is much less than what is required, and therefore slows down the healing process and increases the duration of treatment more than normal.

Therefore, you must follow these tips to apply eye drops in a healthy way

How To Apply Eye Drops Correctly ?

1- Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them well

(Remove contact lenses if you wear them)

2- Lie down or tilt your head back while looking at the ceiling and keeping your eyes open

3- Gently pull your lower eyelid until a pocket forms between your lower eyelid and your eye

4- Put a blister or two, according to the doctor’s instructions, inside the pocket

5- Close your eyes and leave them for 3 minutes without blinking

6- Wipe around your eyes to remove any excess around the eyes.

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Instructions for applying eye drops

How To Apply Eye Drops Correctly ?

If you are still having trouble applying eye drops, you can follow these instructions:

First, if you suffer from trembling hands, you can place your hands on your face to help stabilize them.

Second: If the shivering is persistent, you can buy a wrist strap at a sports store, it weighs 1 to 2 pounds, since the extra weight reduces the vibration.

Third: If the previous steps did not work for you, try closing your eyes, lying on your side, and placing the drops in the inner corner of the eyelid, closest to the nose, by slowly opening your eyes, allowing the drops to fall directly into your eyes.

Fourth: If you are not sure whether the drops have entered your eyes, the drops must be placed again, and the eyelids work to remove the excess outside the eye.

Fifth: If you have trouble sticking to the bottle, try wrapping a tissue around the bottle.

Sixth: If you suffer from arthritis in the hands, and cannot hold the bottle well, some assistive devices can be used to put eye drops, from medical supply stores.


Tips for applying eye drops

How To Apply Eye Drops Correctly ?

1- Follow the doctor’s orders, and keep the appointment for the drops.

2- Talk to your doctor if you suffer from health problems such as allergies, or take herbal or nutritional supplements, to prescribe the appropriate drops for you.

3- Wash hands before and after using eye drops.

4- Be careful not to touch the pointed end of the drop to any part of your eye, to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

5- Ensure that the drop remains clean, and is not contaminated externally or internally.

6- If you are using more than one eye drop, wait five minutes before putting in the next eye drop, as it takes some time for the eye drops to work.

7- Make sure to store eye drops and all medicines out of the reach of children.

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How To Apply Eye Drops Correctly ?

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