G6PD Deficiency Or Favism | أنيميا الفول او التفول

G6PD Deficiency Or Favism For children and adult

G6PD Deficiency Or Favism


 G6PD Deficiency Or Favism | أنيميا الفول او التفول

What Is G6PD Deficiency Or Favism ?

is a genetic and inherited disease that causes a deficiency in the amount of glucose hexaphosphate dehydrogenase in the blood, which is an important enzyme for regulating biochemical reactions in the body.

The said enzyme works to maintain the integrity of red blood cells so that these, in turn, continue to carry out their functions to the fullest during their life cycle.
When this enzyme is deficient, red blood cells begin to break down prematurely, which can eventually lead to hemolytic anemia.

How do you G6PD Deficiency Or Favism ?

This is done by doing a simple blood test, and we find that the percentage of “hemoglobin” will be low and the percentage of “bilirubin” will be high, and then you can confirm by doing a test for the “G6PD” enzyme.


What are the symptoms of anemia bean?

what ate the symptoms G6PD Deficiency Or Favism
A child with the disease will not have any symptoms unless he is exposed to any of the oxidizing substances that cause red blood cells to break down, and these symptoms depend on the type of these oxidants.
And on the quantity taken from it, sometimes if I eat a small amount of it, he will not have any symptoms, and if I take large quantities, it may lead to hemolysis or the rapid destruction of red blood cells,

which symptoms are of G6PD Deficiency Or Favism:

Shortness of breath.
rapid heart rate;
Yellowing of the skin and eyes, especially if the baby is a newborn.
Tea color urine.
And if your child has any of these symptoms, you must take him to the hospital immediately, because he may need a blood transfusion, and if the condition is controlled and the cause is removed, the symptoms will disappear on their own.

What are the oxidizing substances that cause bean anemia?

1. Some foods such as legumes of all kinds and soybeans.
2. Some analgesic or antipyretic drugs, such as aspirin.
3. Some antibiotics contain the term “Sulfate” in their scientific name.
4. Some antimalarials contain the term “Quine” in their scientific name.
5. Some chemicals, such as menthol.
These substances must be avoided completely.. Do not eat, touch or smell, and if your child has bean anemia, the treating doctor will give you a detailed list of contraindications.

Causes of G6PD Deficiency Or Favism

The causes of bean anemia are attributed to the following:

Genetics: Anemia is a genetic disease that is passed on from one or both parents to the children.
Gender: The chances of infection are higher among males than among females in general.

Risk factors for G6PD Deficiency Or Favism or leukemia

The chances of contracting this disease increase in:

Males in general compared to females.
Americans of black or African descent.
People of Middle Eastern origin.
Those who have previously reported cases of this disease in their family.
However, it is worth noting here that these factors, although they increase the chances of infection, the presence of one of them or a combination of more than one factor in a person does not necessarily make his disease certain.

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Foods that a patient with bean anemia or tortosis should avoid

One natural way to control the disease is to avoid certain things, including special foods that may trigger symptoms, such as:

Beans, and sometimes it is advised to avoid all types of legumes.
Blue cranberry.
All sources of soy, such as tofu.
Mints and products containing menthol.

Also, you should know about G6PD Deficiency Or Favism

  1. good knowledge of the list of prohibited substances and keep them with you at all times and places, because bean anemia is easy to control if you avoid the prohibited substances.
  2. . Review anything you apply to your child and make sure that there is nothing forbidden.
  3. . Make sure that your relatives or anyone who provides care for the child, such as the nursery school, must be aware of this value.
  4. . Do a periodic examination of your child to check the level of hemoglobin.
  5. . If your child is exposed to any disease, it remains necessary to see a doctor take the appropriate treatment.
  6. . When your child’s age allows him to talk to him about bean anemia in order to increase his awareness and know that he will live a normal life like his sisters if he pays attention to the subject and stays completely away from prohibited substances.

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