Dr Khaled Refaat Abdel Meguid

Dr Khaled Refaat Abdel Meguid

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doctor khaled refaat
Medipoint, Cairo, Egypt, Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt

Dr Khaled Refaat Abd elMeguid

Khaled Refaat Abdel Meguid|


Dr Khaled Refaat Abdel Meguid

Consultant Cardiac and Interventional Catheterization for Adults and Children – Dar Al Fouad Hospital, El Salam International, Nile Badrawi, Al Muallem

cardiology specialization:-

All cardiologists study the disorders of the heart, but the study of adult and child heart disorders are through different training pathways. Therefore, an adult cardiologist (often simply called “cardiologist”) is inadequately trained to take care of children, and pediatric cardiologists are The surgical aspects are not included in cardiology and are in the domain of cardiothoracic surgery. For example, coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG), cardiopulmonary bypass and valve replacement are surgical procedures performed by surgeons, not cardiologists. However, the insertion of stents and pacemakers is performed by cardiologists

The Heart:-

As a central focus of cardiology, the heart has numerous anatomical features (eg, atrioventricular, ventricular, heart valve) and numerous physiological features that have been documented encyclopedia for centuries. Has (eg, systole, heart sounds, afterload). Cardiac disorders can cause heart disease and cardiovascular disease, leading to a significant number of deaths. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, causing 24.95% of total deaths in 2008.

doctor khaled



What Does a Cardiologist Do?

Cardiologists are eligible to treat heart attacks,

heart failure,

valvular heart disease,

and high blood pressure.

Cardiologists work not only in hospitals but also in private clinics. Cardiologists may perform physical tests, custom tests such as electrocardiography (EKG), blood tests, exercise stress tests, and interpretation tests to make a diagnosis. They may also prescribe medications and recommend lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, stress level reduction, and weight management. Cardiologists can perform procedures such as implanting a pacemaker or inserting a cardiac catheter. Cardiologists may teach at university and conduct research in the laboratory to develop new treatments


Professionality: Consultant
Waiting time: 15 min
Opening hours:
Sun. 05:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Mon. Closed
Tue. Closed
Wed. 05:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Thu. 05:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Fri. Closed
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Fees: 400 EGP
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Phone: 01114800808
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