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Medipoint, Cairo, Egypt, Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt

Dr Nahla Hantar

Nahla Hantar |

Dr Nahla Hantar

PhD dermatologist & Professor of Dermatology – Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University & Cosmetic Laser skin.




the skin branch of medicine.  A dermatologist who treats diseases related to the skin, hair, nails, and certain cosmetic problems. 

Cosmetic dermatology:-


Dermatologists have been leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Some dermatologists complete fellowships in surgical dermatology.

Many are trained in their residency on the use of botulinum toxin, fillers, and laser surgery.

Some dermatologists perform cosmetic procedures including liposuction, blepharoplasty, and facelifts.

Most dermatologists limit their cosmetic practice to minimally invasive procedures. 



A dermatologist is a pathologist or dermatologist who specializes in skin pathology.

This area is shared by dermatologists and pathologists.

Usually, a dermatologist or pathologist completes a one-year dermatopathology scholarship.

Some dermatologists are eligible for examination by performing dermatological and pathological resident.


However, Professionals working in this field often run their own immunopathology laboratories.

Immunomodermological examination is essential for the correct diagnosis and treatment of many diseases affecting the epithelial organs, including the skin,

mucous membranes, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory system. 

Tests are performed on blood and tissues sent to various laboratories from medical facilities

and referring physicians in the United States.


Pediatric dermatology:-


Physicians are eligible for this specialization by completing a pediatric and dermatological residency.

Or they may choose to complete the post-stay scholarship.

This area includes complex neonatal diseases, hereditary skin diseases

or genodermatosis,

and many difficulties in working with the pediatric population.

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