Dr Mohamed Abdalla Askora

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Cinema Building, El Maraghy Street, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt

Dr Mohamed Abdalla Askora

Mohamed Abdalla Askora

Doctor Mohamed Abdalla Askora

specilist of general surgery, vascular& oncosurgery

General Surgeon

Specialized in Pediatric

General Surgery,

Obesity Surgery,

Abdominal Surgery,

Endocrinal Surgery

, Adult Gastroenterological Surgery,

Trauma and Accident Surgery,

Gynecologic Oncological Surgery,

Adult Oncology Surgery,

Breast Tumor,

Colon Tumor,

Pediatric Oncology Surgery,

Stomach Tumor and Adult General Surgery

so he is a very good and professional doctor


He is a specialist in surgery. Surgery is a large category of invasive medical treatment that involves cutting the body — whether that body belongs to a person or another animal — for a specific reason such as removing diseased tissue or repairing a tear or fracture.


Professionality: Consultant
Waiting time: 20
Opening hours:
Sun. 07:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Mon. Closed
Tue. 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Wed. Closed
Thu. 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Fri. Closed
Sat. 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Fees: 150 EGP
Contact Information
Phone: 01102421220
Personal Mobile: 01011193003
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