Egypt corona vaccine COVI-VAX

Local Egypt COVID-19 vaccine to undergo for furthur clinical trial steps.

Egypt corona vaccine COVI-VAX

Egyptian vaccine production by the National Research Center in Egypt, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The EDA (Egyptian Drug Authority) has issued a license to an Egyptian factory that will undergo for the production of the experimental sample of the Egyptian vaccine to be used in clinical trials – 3rd phase of vaccination step.
  • 1st Patch for first doses of Egyptian coronavirus vaccine, (Covi Vax), according to local media
Egypt will be the 1st middle eastern country that will produce its own local covid 19 vaccine
  • The Egyptian Drug Authority EDA granted a factory a license to produce the first experimental samples (of the vaccine).
The study and research of the Egyptian coronavirus vaccine have been published in a specialized international scientific journal, as it has proven its effectiveness in laboratory experiments and experiments on animals
  • Egypt clinical trials for COVI VAX will be for a small number of people to ensure safety vs quality issues.
Vaccine on humans and in the second stage will include ( Approx. 100 to 500 volunteers ).
While 3rd PHASE of Clinical Trials will be tested on up to ( 50,000 volunteers from different countries in order to achieve genetic diversity ).
As the Egyptian vaccine production by the National Research Center in Egypt, NRC are working on the virus strain present in Egypt, and has conducted laboratory experiments on four types of animals and is now getting the permission to test the vaccine clinically.
  1. It’s a sharing Creativity with responsibility for many governmental departments in Egypt as: NRC, EDA and MOH.
  2. Publishing Egypt reseraches in scientific research-magazines is one of the major medical periodicals around the world,
  • Egypt COVI VAX under judgemtns by senior of international professors and scientists, who also reviewed the Egyptian COVID-19 vaccine and said it real produces antibodies.
Egypt corona vaccine COVI-VAX
Egypt corona vaccine COVI-VAX
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