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Derma Roller For Skin Problems

Derma Roller For Skin Problems

Derma Roller with a cylindrical shape inside it contains a group of thin needles in about 192 needles

these needles have different lengths according to the type of problem in the skin, and there are types of derma roller, for example skin rejuvenation needs needles length 0.05 mm.

But treatment of the effects of acne needs needles Taller than 1: 2 mm long.


Sizes of Derma Rolle

Needle size varies according to the problem in the skin, so you should consider the needle size that is specific to the type of problem because there are no complications.

It is for the treatment of wrinkles and the effects of pimples:

You can use a needle with a length of 0.5 mm, from 3: 5 times a week. For cellulite treatment: You can use a needle 1 mm or 1.5 mm 5 times a week.

For the treatment of stretch marks: For mild stretch marks:

You can use a needle 1 mm long 5 times a week, and for deep stretch marks you can use a needle 1.5 mm long a week.


How Derma Roller works

A new layer of skin appears, all radiance, youth and freshness after using the Derma Roller, where the needles in it cause very small holes when penetrating the surface of the epidermis, stimulating collagen and repairing the skin cells to restore freshness and youth again


How to use Derma Roller

Divide the cheek and forehead into two parts, right and left, and gently pass the derma roller on the right part then pass it on the left part.

Repeat this method 10 times for each side alternately.

And you can see the way through the video

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