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Coronavirus “COVID-19” vaccine outbreak

Coronavirus “COVID-19” vaccine outbreak


Vaccines are the most effective possible way to prevent an outbreak.


A vaccine forces your immune system to make antibodies against a specific disease. It usually comes into two forms with a dead or live attenuated vaccine.

The vaccine role is to give you immunity and let your immune system produce antigens against toxins.

A vaccine against COVID-19 would slow down its spread around the world. Fewer people would get sick, and more lives could hopefully be saved.


Vaccines are tested to make sure that they are safe before being tested on people.

Coronavirus “COVID-19” vaccine outbreak

There are many stages that the vaccine must go through them. Vaccine development must go through the following stages:

  • Exploratory stage:

This is the beginning of lab research to find out something that can treat or prevent a disease or an outbreak. It usually takes from two to four years.

  • Pre-clinical stage:

Lab tests and clinical tests which are done on animals such as mice, guinea pigs and monkeys are used to assure that the vaccine will work. This stage will usually take from one to two years.

If the tests passed this point and the FDA signs off, it’s on to clinical testing.

  • Clinical development:

It consists of three phases. Starting with Phase 1 usually lasts 1 to 2 years and includes less than 100 volunteers.

Going directly to Phase 2 usually lasts for 2 years and involves more than 100 volunteers. Finally with Phase 3 takes from 3 to 4 years and includes thousands of people.

To sum up, the clinical trial may take up to 15 years or more. A vaccine must at least make it from phase 1 to final approval.

  • Regulatory review and approval:

Scientists with the FDA and CDC revise the data from the clinical trials and sign off.

  • Manufacturing:

The vaccine reaches the production step. The FDA must inspect the factory and approves its conditions along with the drug labels.

  • Quality control

Scientists and government track volunteers who receive the vaccine as they want to make sure that the vaccine is working safely with minimal side effects.


Russia is the first nation to complete clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine on human beings.

The results are proven efficacy against the virus. The vaccine is showing best injection as intramuscularly.

Scientists are developing another form of vaccine as a powder form for preparation of suspension to inject it intramuscularly.

Results of the COVID-19 vaccine tests which are performed on a group of volunteers in Russia manifested that they were developing antibodies against COVID-19. The results have been completed and it proved that the vaccine is safe.

However there are no further information about when will the vaccine enter the manufacturing phase.

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