CONCOR 10 PLUS || High blood pressure treatment

CONCOR 10 PLUS || High blood pressure treatment




CONCOR is used alone or with other medications to treat high blood pressure. It reduces heart rate and relaxes blood vessels, which helps lower blood pressure.




Types of Concor medicine for the treatment of pressure

Concor 2.5 mg Tablets

Concor 5 mg Tablets

Concor 5 Plus Tablets

Concor 10 mg Tablets

Indications for use of the drug Concor
The drug is used in the following cases:

High blood pressure treatment
Congestive heart
Prevention of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes
Preventing chest pain caused by angina pectoris
Treating atrial fibrillation and other conditions that cause an irregular heartbeat.

What is Hypertension ?

dosage :

It is usual to take the medicine once daily in the morning.
Your doctor may advise you to take your first dose before bed because the medicine may make you feel dizzy.
If you do not feel dizzy after taking the first dose, you can take the medicine in the morning.

Concor side effects

Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects in some people, such as:

Feeling dizzy or weak
cold hands or feet
Vomiting and feeling nauseous

Contact your doctor immediately if any of the following symptoms appear:

Shortness of breath with a cough that gets worse when exercising or climbing stairs
Swollen ankles or legs, chest pain, or irregular heartbeats
Shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness in the chest
Yellowing of the skin or yellowing of the whites of the eyes


Allergy to any of the components of the drug
Low blood pressure or slow heart rate
Circulation problems in the extremities, which may make fingers and nails turn pale or blue
People with metabolic acidosis (high acidity in the blood and body)
Lung disease or severe asthma

Concor for angina pectoris

The drug helps treat chest pain caused by angina pectoris

Concor for heart palpitations

The drug helps reduce the heart rate

Concor for phobia

The drug helps reduce high blood pressure and treats palpitations and rapid heartbeat, which are symptoms associated with phobias

Concor and pregnancy
The medication is not usually recommended for use during pregnancy, so if you’re planning to become pregnant or are already pregnant, talk to your doctor about the potential benefits and harms of taking the medication.

There may be other blood pressure lowering medications that are safer for pregnant women, such as labetalol, a similar medication often recommended for high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Concor alternative

A medicine similar to the CONCOR medicine (containing the same active ingredient as the medicine)



An alternative CONCOR medicine to the drug (contains a different active substance but has the same use)

Blokium medicine

Cardilol medicine


In the event of an overdose of the medicine, this may cause:

slow heart rate
lower than normal blood pressure
Heart failure
Low blood sugar level
Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
If you think you have taken too much of this medicine call your doctor or poison center but if symptoms are severe go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

When does the effect begin?

The drug begins to reduce high blood pressure about two hours after taking it.

If you are taking medicine for angina, it will probably take 2 weeks before you feel better.

And if you’re taking medication for heart failure, it may take several weeks, or even months, before you feel better.

Important tips to avoid high blood pressure and its risks

There are some changes you can make to your lifestyle to reduce high blood pressure, such as:

Reduce your salt intake to about a teaspoon per day
Eat a low-fat, balanced diet and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
Do light exercises
Lose weight if you are overweight
Drink less caffeine
stop smoking
Take your medicines regularly and on time


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