Active Ingredient :


The difference between Arcalion Fort and Arcalion 200

Arcalion Forte: its concentration is 400 mg.



Arcalion 200: Concentration as indicated, 200 mg.


It is the percentage of the active substance in the medicine and the dose is determined by the attending physician.


What are the uses ?


Arcalion is a multi-use drug. This drug can be used to treat many conditions, as follows:

Cases of fatigue and weakness caused by a person’s infection: Scientific studies have proven that taking sulbutiamine, which is contained in Arcalion medication, with the necessary medical care, helps to get rid of the infection that extends for 15 days.

Alzheimer’s disease: It contains a substance that helps increase focus. Recently, it has been proven that taking Arcalion for a period of 3 months for a person with early Alzheimer’s disease helps to improve a person’s attention, and when DONEPEZIL is used with it, it improves and strengthens memory.

Depression: Salbutamine improves the behavior of some people with depression when used for a month.

Cases of diabetic neuropathy: This condition means that the individual has nerve damage caused by diabetes and when ARCALION DRUG is used for 6 weeks regularly, this damage is treated.

Erectile dysfunction in men: The drug helps improve erections in about 80% of men with ED, after using this drug for 30 days.

Fatigue as a result of multiple-sclerosis: When Sulbutiamine is used within the drug for a period of 6 months, the fatigue resulting from multiple sclerosis is removed.

In cases of increased concentration in certain periods, such as exams.

It is used to eliminate fatigue and general lethargy.

What are the contraindications for the use of Arcalion?

It is forbidden to use the medicine without consulting a specialized doctor in the following cases:

Hypersensitivity to any of the components.

Galactose malabsorption syndrome (rare hereditary diseases) or sucrose deficiency

side effects

The substance in the composition of this medicine is considered safe when used, but there are some side effects that may appear on some people who take this medicine in the short term, which are:

High level of uric acid.
inability to sleep
If you notice any of these symptoms, the person should stop taking this medicine.

What is the relationship of the drug Arcalion to pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant or breast-feeding women are often advised to stay away from medicines that contain sulbutiamine, even though it is a safe substance.
There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the use of Arcalion drug harms the fetus or leads to congenital malformations of the fetus, and there are many medicines that should not be taken during pregnancy unless necessary, after consulting a specialist.
Also, during lactation, the medicine is injected into the milk in a very small amount. Doctors said that the body of children and infants is able to deal with small doses, but it is advisable not to take the medicine during lactation.


Studies have shown that psychiatric patients who suffer from psychological disorders permanently and abuse some narcotics may turn to taking Sulbutiamine to reach orgasm, and this may make them vulnerable to addiction and thus lead to major health problems.
People with depression who take ARCALION DRUG should not stop medicines used to treat mental disorders.

drug relationship with weight gain

There is no side effect of Arcalion on weight and there is no evidence to prove that it leads to weight gain, but it is always recommended to follow a healthy diet in addition to exercising during the period when this medicine is taken.



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